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    FS: Hillside Festival (2 weekend passes)

    Last realization that we can't make it so we have two weekend passes for sale at face value, total $200 PM or email piero.brigneti (at) gmail.com
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    Dimitri from Paris @ TIL

    I had a great time last time he came to TIL. This time I'll get to make this my b-day boogie night :D
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    DJ Isis @ Clinton's

    After hearing this I'm gonna check out this lady's set at Clinton's this saturday. Anyone else?
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    arthur oskan live pa

    thinking of checking this out at this satruday's tech support my techno fix for the month anyone else?
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    June 23 :: Antibalas :: PHOENIX

    Antibalas is one of the shows for this year's jazz festival. I missed their show last year, really want to check them out this year. http://www.tojazz.com/Pages/festivaleventsearch.asp?days=1&master=3&menuid=137&menutype=M
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    Sony Patents a Brain Wave

    Brain controlled videogames anyone? -------------------------------------------- Sony Patents a Brain Wave Techtree News Staff Email Print April 07, 2005 Sony has been reported to have acquired a patent for an idea to transmit data directly into the brain, with the goal of...
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    Feb 25 - Tech Support

    I'll be hitting an Afro Peruvian Music show at RTH earlier in the evening...that will for sure set me up for some of the techno goodness i heard at last Tech Support... Anyone else?
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    tack ID on betalounge set

    not sure if this link will work but can anyome id a track at the 15min mark of the most recent carl craig/nikola set on betalounge ?(actually named '04.17.04 Carl Craig, Nikola')...