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    1 hour deep progressive mix (houseaddict podcast)

    This mix includes tracks from Nima Gorji, Santagio Garcia, Robert Babicz, Android Cartel, Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile, Matador on such labels as Systematic Recordins, Baires Records, subtract, Minus, & more http://soundcloud.com/andrewmcdonnell/houseaddict-podcast Andrew McDonnell |...
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    3.5 groovy deep house live set from Fabricated @ Stone Lounge

    Awesome night. Tracklist (hopefully i didn't miss anything) Robert Babicz - Chordy Original Mix - Systematic Recordings Gorge - Keya - Original Mix - 8Bit Andrew McDonnell - Lyrics on House - Apollo Barem - Tres De Niul - Original Mix - Minus Kabuto & Koji - Slow Town Girl - Original Mix - Infa...
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    Music For Big Clubs Late At Night

    I hope everyone enjoys. Also, please take the time to check out my new myspace. http://myspace.com/andrewmcdonnellmusic Download Link
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    FS: M Audio Mk-461C Midi Controller. 61 Keys

    Time for an upgrade. Looking for $200 firm.
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    FS 2x Pioneer CDJ 800MK2's $1300

    2x Pioneer CDJ 800MK2's for $1300. Perfect condition and working order. Only ever used at home, completely smoke free. Please email me andrew.mcdonnell at gmail.com
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    Can anyone recommend an accountant?

    This year I started working as a freelance sound editor. I also have a couple restaurant t4's. I need to find an account thats affordable and trustworthy. Anyone have any recommendations?
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    NuEra - 2 Hour Year mix for 2007. Relentless Prog with a dark trancey edge.

    NuEra - McSession - Year Mix 2007 http://www.yohanbang.com/NuEra_McSession.mp3 ADF & Adriano Fillppucci - Till Late - Blue Theme - Earresistible Musick Presslaboys - Goritown - Original Mix - Viva Music Satoshi Tommie - Scandal In New York - Sawdubbedscanda - Saw Recordings Dani...
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    Dark thumpy prog, builds to hard and bangin

    http://www./?d=6156PF4N Marc Romboy - Sunburst - Dub Mix - Simple Records Aga - Gift - Original Mix - Dioxide Records Chloe Harris - Skooch - Remix - Mashtronic Vincenzo Favale, Tino Venditti - Heavy - Original Mix - 9 Records Vibe Dealers, Ludovic Vendi, Anthony Collins - Krash Garett -...
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    NuEra - New York City - Tech House

    http://www.yohanbang.com/NuEra-NewYorkCity.mp3 many thanks to Yohan for hosting!!
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    FS: Epson Stylus Photo R320

    My dad is selling his photo printer. Purchased recently and hardly used. $125. contact me at andrew.mcdonnell<at>gmail.com
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    Minimal/Tech/Prog - NuEra - Bleeping Diddies and Bouncing Titties

    NuEra - Bleeping Diddies and Bouncing Titties John Dahlback - S for E - Original Mix - Pickadoll Thomas Schumacher - High On You - Original Mix - Spiel-Schallplatten Diringer - Topolino - Diringer & Namito Remix - Kling Klong Mile Caro & Frank Garcia - Far Away - Jennifer Cardini &...
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    A Deep, Dark and Progressive Mix - NuEra - Beyond the Depths of the Horizon Vol2

    Artist: NuEra Title: Beyond the Depths of the Horizon Volume 2 Date Recorded: September 30th 2006 Description: A progressive journey; hard at times, definitely dark and bojangled, through to deep and atmospheric, with a hint of tribal and trance. Link: Right Click Save As
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    512 MB Ram $20

    Looking for a cheap upgrade? 2x256 Samsung Pc2700u Ram. DDR 2.5 $20 andrew.mcdonnell@gmaill.com
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    1gig ram $40

    Anyone looking for a cheap upgrade? 4 x 256mb PC3200 DDR 400 andrew.mcdonnell@gmail.com
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    FS: Nikon F5 Body---For those who still shoot wth film

    My dad is getting rid of his Nikon f5, so i thought I would post it here for him. He's a pro photographer and the camera is in perfect condition--has just had a complete overhaule by Nikon themselves. Hes selling the body only. The camera new was a few grand, but because of the switch to digital...
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    urgent hmwk help..anyone REALLY good with excel?

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    Good torrent client for OSX?

    Any other options aside from Tomato torrent? Im looking for someting that is set up more like bitcoment.
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    FS: Ram 4x256 taken from a G5. 2X256 from PC

    I have some old ram justs itting around if anyone is interested. 4x256 mb taken from a powerpac dual processor G5 pre-oct19 2005. I think its ddr3200 2X256 mb taken from a pc. pc2700 ddr ram. $20 each andrew.mcdonnell at gmail.com
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    osx first timer

    Just picked up a used G5 and Im trying to get over a few basic frustrations... i can do most things, but my BIGGEST frustartion is everytime i restart the settings go back to some sort of defult... so heres what im trying to do - trying to remain name the 'home' from the old owners name...
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    something weird happened to me. HELP!

    i was listening to music on beatport and talking on msn to this guy that i am thinking about buying a G5 from. so he goes to show it to me on his webcam. i accept the invitation and msn loads up that little side window, it doesnt load the camera image and just shuts down. the guy says to me...