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    martymcfly's birthday beatz

    oops.. my mistake.. its this Saturday night (March 22)
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    martymcfly's birthday beatz

    I'm coming out to party in Toronto for Marty's birthday. Looking forward to seeing some old friends again. I'm not in the city as often as I'd like to be. if you'd like to hangout or just make an appearance stop by Blak for some pre-drinks between 11:00 and 11:30.
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    Happy Birthday TIMMAH!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMMI TRANCE!!!!!! You are still my hero!!! (Remembering the snails at Cherry Beach) <<HUGE TIMMIH SIZE HUGZ>>
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    Say Something about the Poster Above you.

    ^^^^^^ is not too good at playing this game ;)
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    Promise Anniversary

    This chick is wikkid!! I met her outside of the Now lounge, and gave her and her friend a ride... uhhhh somewhere ;) (I can't even give a stab at her first name - too bad). Then I met her the next afternoon at a Promise beach party, asked for a light for my doobie, not even making the...
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    Promise Anniversary

    I'm not sure what made the night so good but I had a great time! (Too bad we left so early). There are so many things that make a party good, and this one had all of them! I knew the night was gonna be good because it started off with free tickets to the circus! I thought nothing could...
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    who's who in the breaks room

    Yeah I hate it when things get HARD... I just get scared and don't know what to do cuz I'm a GIRL. :p
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    Take Me To Your Dj - *4.20*

    I'd just like to say that I'm STILL trying to remember the events of Saturday night. ;) Thanks, everyone for passin' around the vibe :cool:
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    Just post my wemf pictures...

    Stormshadow to the choppin' block ^^ THAT'S JESSE!!! The original PLUR-kid!! Jesse's been bringin' the PLUR for years and years and years. Nobody parties better than Jesse. If you knew him you would not want to execute him. He's hip. --Angie
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    so tell me something about yourself...

    I cut off my right thumb in Grade nine. I'm afraid of pretty much everything. Bugs take the cake. I like most people I meet. You really gotta be an ass to make me mad. I don't watch t.v. (except for the Simpsons) I was part of the book club in grade school. I smoke entirely too...
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    Hey...guess what?

    YEAH DAVE!! SHOW US YOUR TITS!! You'd better be representin' me well. By well, I am talking about hardcore nudity. Angie
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    Hey...guess what?

    Stacey I can't believe you're going to WEMF without me!! :( But today is only Tuesday. Many things can happen between Tuesday and Friday.... maybe I'll magically make it to WEMF or maybe you will be kidnapped by some crazed V-dub driving psyco and whisked away to a magical drug land...