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    In The Bleacher's

    Thought I'd start a thread featuring my fav. comic by Steve Moore. Always good for an a.m. chuckle. Today's Comic
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    *** March Madness The Official Road To The Final 4 Thread ***

    ***** It's Finally March ***** With 14 days til' selection Sunday my fav. time of year is quickly approaching. Plenty of big games between now and then including the guaranteed spots for Conference Tourney winners. Who will be the cinderella(s)? Which Conference(s) will dominate...
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    Urban Artist Television feat. Tali / DJ SS and many more Video From Destiny 666

    Urban Artist Television's latest episode from the UATV production series and in affilation with Visionary Eye Productions, proudly presents "Resurgence of the Massive". In this installment, we take a look behind of the scenes of North America's longest running rave promotion company, Destiny...
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    Projeck United @ Republik Wed. Aug Three ..... ie. Tonight

    MAIN FLOOR - Drum n' Bass 10 - O'Banion & Shakwon Do 10:20 - Kool Dragon & Catashtrophie 10:40 - Rick Toxic & Crash 11 - 11:30 - Red Lion & Wigs 12 - 12:30 -Ruckus & Premis 12:30 - 1 Everfresh & Marcus Visionary 1 - Capital J & Spinz 2 - Lush & Mystical Influence 2:30 - D-Syfa &...
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    After School Special - Summer School @ Footwork

    AUGUST 13 - After School Special - Summer School @ Footwork Roberto Selecta Birthday Extravaganza!!! Promises to be a memorable evening! DJ's on the night will be rockin' the decks and the costumes and close friends always make for the best vibe of the summer! The Lion is bringin'...
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    Hoops @ The DC Shoes Training Facility

    http://www.dcshoecousa.com/home.asp I hope the link above works for all interested. Some of the most incredible H_O_R_S_E shots I've ever seen but the catch is that they are all done off of ramps or while riding a skateboard. Hoop & Skate Fanatics Enjoy!!! TIP: Watch The Uncut...
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    Probably my fav. group to have been sampled into classic jungle tunes. Fu-Schnickens - Tic Toc "Now before makin' records the hood was my saviour, but now I'm makin' tunes that make ya jam with your neighbour." "All our beats are funkyla" "No matter how large I get the fire...
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    Sport Records & Milestones --- Discuss!!

    I'll open with Baseball and stolen bases since it's that time of the year for baseball and all. What's up with stolen bases these days? Is the art of the stolen base a thing of the past? Are men finding it harder and harder these days to get to 2nd base? Ricky Henderson stole 130...
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    ***happy Birthday Cheeka***

    Well it's officially after midnight aka JULY 4th so it's that time of year again to wish the one and only CHEEKA Happy Birthday. Definately a board favourite and by leaps and bounds the most incredible woman I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. CHEERS TO CHRISSY. Thanks for all the...
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    Numba 3 threads

    Numba 3 Cubed Van 3 Year Anniversary 2003 We at 3 would like to invite you to this years Numba 3 Cubed Van at The WEMF 3 Day. Historically The Numba 3 Van has been organized by the Lifeforce promoters and friends and this year (if we can get the organization in motion) will be the 3'rd and...
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    Numba 3 Cube Van In Full Effect!!!

    The 14 footer has arrived and is rip roarin' ready to rock!!!!!!!!! We've rented old faithfull and have a few three's to celebrate! Three best friends moving into a three bedroom. This is two thousand and three baby! Andy = 27 = 3^3 Don = 25 = ( 5-2 = 3 ) PJ 22 = three is the...
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    Electric and Acoustic Guitar Tab's

    Was wondering if any of you Triber's out there are aware of any good sites to go to to find some guitar tab's? Looking to learn some new songs and I'm having some trouble finding sites that provide both lyrics and tab. Any help would be great. Donnie W.
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    Final Dj Roster For The Now Famous #3 Cube Van

    O.K. The thread a lot of you have been waiting for is here. Your hosts for the #3 Cube Van Party at this years WEMF have finalized the DJ roster and here it is (again) in random order. NEW DJ's SINCE THE LAST THREAD DJ Czech - Spun a 3 hour chill, downtempo, old school, funk, 80's set at...
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    Tongue Twisters

    It's Tuesday (I hope you brushed your tongue) so I thought that I'd kick off the week with a tongue twister thread ..................... sorry ladies the French Tongue Twister was Saturday Night sorry you missed it ....................... right hand on Blue. Favourite Tongue Twisters: Red...
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    Numba 3 Crew Cube Van

    Hey, thanks for entering the thread. I thought that as the countdown to W.E.M.F. continues, I (Donnie) would attempt to give you a little insight on what exactly the #3 Cube Van is, and what to expect. Though nothing I could type will prepare you for the adventure and mayhem that will be the...
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    Poll - What Does The D Stand For In D-Monic

    Anyone Know? Anyone ever ask Dan? Anyone have any ideas? Anyone care? **discuss**
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    Televisions Funniest But Also Hottest Women

    Possibly sparked by yesterdays SNL Biography but I thought I'd see which women currently on television people here on the board find both hilarious and hot! Maybe it's just me but there's something about a woman who can make you laugh, make you cry and give you a semi all at the same time...
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    Favourite Television Game Shows

    WE SURVEYED OVER 100 TRIBERS ............. THE TOP ANSWERS ARE ON THE BOARD!" Old and new, on air or long time off the air here's your chance to list some of your favourite television game shows. The Price Is Right Bumper Stumpers Press Your Luck .............. no whammies! Family Feud
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    CC & G Taste Test

    I've changed my name to Ryan Ginger. Anyone tried this yet? Any Rye & Ginger lovers out there? Are you reading this and thinking what the...........! I've seen the ads for CC&G and I am a long time drinker of the rye, hey I have proof, 100 proof to be exact. I'm kinda excited, hasn't...