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    Borat does the T I F F

    http://tiff.sympatico.msn.ca/Insider/ContentPosting.aspx?newsitemid=69e25f05-4e4b-4918-8234-7fd62527c684&feedname=RYAN_PORTER_TIFF&show=False&number=0&showbyline=True&subtitle=How+to+make+an+entrance+at+the+festival+animals+and+women+in+ropes&detect=&abc Some theorized that Borat would...
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    omoc - live@saphir15122005 (leftfieldtek/electrobreaks)

    in brief: Recorded this past 'Mix Thursday' evening @ Club Saphir in Montreal (3699 St-Laurent - upstairs) one of the weirdest intros you've ever heard, some Rebus Tape, peppered Si Begg and miscellaneous robot breaks. Tracklist to come at the beginning of the week...
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    Your Radio is Broken (live from MTL)

    Your Radio is Broken Every Saturday morning from 4:00 am to 6:00 am with Rhys Taylor and Melon CKUT 90.3 fm www.ckut.ca Last week's archive Saturday November 25, 2005 Another full house at CKUT this week. Rhys Taylor and Melon cope with a rewired Dj studio to prepare for the pounding...
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    The prisoner-abuse photochop war thread

    I know it's wrong... but i was feeling inspired: btw, yes.. those ARE my gf's pyjama bottoms on my head.
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    Would you wear these?

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    My journalism teacher once said: "If it bleeds, it leads.."

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/4250506.stm The women are kept in the cow sheds for four days. Women hail menstruation ruling Women's rights activists in Nepal have hailed a Supreme Court order to end discrimination against women during their menstrual cycle. There is a...
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    more gesticulating basslines that give robots seizures, please!

    Here's what i'm talkin' about right here... http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/showthread.php?threadid=92085
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    [more electrobreaks] John Bushby - Bleeding Edge Gadgetry

    Here's yet another wicked set-post by one of the regulars on Electroalliance.net. It's leanings are towards the more aggressive, edgier electro breaks: JohnBushby - Bleeding Edge Gadgetry 01. Cybrid - Bumper (Volsoc Remix) [Belief Systems] 02. Ben Mono - Juggling (Volsoc's Macrosound...
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    [ElectroBass & Computerfunk] Jarno - Ctrl-alt-del

    Best set ive heard this month: Jarno (of Holland) - Ctrl-Alt-Del (mixed set|34mb|128kbps) ^ - a delightful selection of chilled out electrobreaks and spacetekno. You can also check out http://www.inbred.tv/jarno/ for some of his tunes.
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    nivoc vs pascal b - feb 2005 promo mix - MTL

    Nivoc vs pascal b - Feb 2005 promo mix This is a promo mix for a party called 'Amplify Me' at stereo on the 29th of april.. and it's some pretty slick tekhaus. just thought i'd share enjoy
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    (big fat sloppy electro breaks) rob obvious / prentension recs - superbowl mix

    .. by far the best set I've downloaded this month: [transcribed from electroalliance.net] basskitten: Ah, the superbowl. And at the Pretension Records World HQ that can mean only one thing... watching the game on the 70" plasma HDTV? Hell no! Electro Mix Time! SUPER BOWL SUNDAY...
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    are you feeling 'festive'?

    I'm havin an 'end of the evenin' Valentine night joint' with a bottle of Masi and some high-grade endo and feelin' like I should be donating to the Tsunami relief fund.. life is good. cheers.
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    15min tech-house ass-shaker : omoc - cardio for the heartless

    Put this one in your mp3 player before goin to the cornerstore.. I promise good times. Tracklist: Si Begg - Revolution No. 1 [Novamute] Everything under the Sun - Derrick Carter Remix [Bush] Miwon - Brother mole (john tejada remix) Shirker - Confusion (Si Begg Remix) [Flameboy] Rocco...
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    Records for sale (electro/tech/techhouse/house/misc)

    All records are $5 with a minimum purchase of 6. Special prices can be arranged if you'd like the entire lot (or a whole whack of records).. Here's the list: Electro:house/tech/clash Genderfix - Tongue n' Cheek - BugEyed Records Kenshiro - U know me - Suisa (promo) Mace - Headstrong...
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    Free Ukraine!

    The Ukraine is strong!
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    new Si Begg..

    the new Si Begg made me wanna pleasure myself with a horn.. Si Begg - Revolution (novamute) go check it out. A-side: crunchy tek flavoured fist-pumper w/ 'we need a revolution' sample and horns-a-plenty B-side: same deal with the panning-breakbeat of fury Si Begg is known...
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    the soulseek thread...

    Post your nick on SLSK so we can swap sets n shit... ^ omawk
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    Imatran Voima - the church of latterday maggots

    .. recently discovered this (2xLP) full-length by Imatran Voima and have been singing the chorus to 'Group Sex' for the past 3 hours... This album is hot!
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    the Broken Crew does Stereo!

    .. just thought i'd let you guys know of the momentus event which is about to go down in the 514 this evening, the MTL breakbeat freaks the Broken Crew will be layin it down at Stereo this Friday night in the main room. Guest: DJ Czech.. oh my..
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    ricardo villalobos - the au hareme darchimede

    So..? Your feelings on this latest on Perlon by Villalobos? Honestly, I was left feeling a lil understimulated.. It fell way short of my expectations, but can't entirely say that I didn't enjoy it. There isn't too much that's overtly dancefloor-oriented with the lasting funk appeal of...