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    The robocop krause @ kathedral this evening

    is anyone going? awesome german indie-punk band [COLOR="Gray"][/has anyone heard of them??[COLOR] :/ w/ korkator, werle & stankowski 8$ 7:30 N30-p[l]a+0
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    represent! whut? N30-p[l]a+0
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    all dressed up...

    but nowhere to go. i have found myself in a situation where i own lots of awesome clothes, but i have nowhere to wear them too. :( usually when me and my friends go out, it's to normal settings (bars, restaurants, clubs) but never ones where people are expected to put more than the...
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    gorillaz - feel good inc.

    it's ok, but not great. i find it too disjointed, like they had excess fabric that they decided to make a wallet out of. except its kinda ugly. the elements work, but not together. :s and if it's played on much uncharted so often, then why isnt it on the charts!? *slaps forehead* N30-p[l]a+0
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    not sure if this belongs in the roll call forum, but i'm wondering if anyone knows where diplo will be playing this saturday. i only saw a poster, no flyers for this event. it's somewhere on queen, thats all i know :s anyone know what time he'd be hitting the decks? we're doing lcd/mia that...
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    a thanksgiving horn of italo-electro-disco-techno

    http://www.cybernetic-broadcasting.net/ click mixage. make special note to get all 3 parts of i-f's 3 part set at bootleg dj cafe. enjoy. shake your bottom to the right. shake it to the left. shake your ody body, move your body body, miss hilton. N30-p[l]a+0
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    New Missy Album

    been hearing a few advanced releases of a couple singles from her upcomming album....wow. its really fucking good. crunk has been the biggest surprise in hip hop, for all the annoyingness that lil jon has brought forth to us, the music has equally blessed us with really techno-based hip hop...
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    adam green this tuesday

    anyone else going? N30-p[l]a+0
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    good place for a haircut

    my hair is really long right now, and i need a haircut. the only problem s i dont know what to do with it right now, i would just rather sit down and let the hair stylist go wild. the only prblem is, i can't go too wild, as i still have to look presentable for work, but i am bored of any other...
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    name my crab

    i got a pet crab. tossing ideas for a name, which one sounds best? mr. crabby dr. zoidberg jenny(talia) crabtastic the artist formerly known as a crab (afkaac) crabolous the crabture franz ferdicrab harajukrab :? i should post a pic... N30-p[l]a+0
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    graffiti tips

    so i've never done tags or stickers in this city (least not off school property) and i was just wondering what tips those of you with more experience could dispense, is: where not to work so as not to get caught. february has been a busy month for me and all my friends in terms of birthdays...
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    flyer design pricing

    what is the usual cost of having a 6x4 flyer designed and prepared for printers, including time and test prints? and what should the expected price be if i am a repeated customer? :? N30-p[l]a+0
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    Mean River

    there is a movie called mean river that came out recently,though through which mediums, i am not sure. it was on the flight back from the phillipines, but it looked like it was from north america. and it looked recent. and they had the movie listed under box office hits, next to collatteral...
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    referencing sources in an essay.

    how would one go about referencing a city published plan in an essay?? :? a lot of the research for my essay is derived from proposals made by the city of toronto regarding young st / dundas st, and is therefore not actually published, but it is made available to the general public. how...
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    ipod & windows98

    so i feel another random spending spree comming on, but before i started, i thought i should investigate something first. the apple website had nothing on the subject, at least i didnt find anything, so i'm bringing my question to tribe. will an iPod work with windows 98? :? they...
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    death cab for cutie / postal service

    is that the same lead singer? :? N30-p[l]a+0
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    dry cleaners

    does anyone have any good suggestions for where i can safely get an important and expensive item dry cleaned for a reasonable price? i see cleaners throughout downtown but i am afraid of taking this garment just anywhere, i'm afraid of it being ruined. anyone have any recommendations...
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    gummo track i.d.

    does anyone know the name of the song that plays in the opening of gummo? the one with the lyrics about the sounds that animals make? "but my rooster goes, "COCK-A-DOODLE-DOOOO!" :? k, thnx bye. N30-p[l]a+0
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    Design Book 4 sale- Trigger - Die Gestalten Verlag

    coffee table design book featuring the talents of eboy, the designers republic, pfadfinderei.mitte, stefan gandl (designer shock), weissraum, 52 mm, hell, buro destruct, planet pixel, sweden, johannes deutsch, function. . . . for more info on the book click here...
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    kitty puke

    our new kitty started throwing up last night we arent sure why, it's colourless and has whitish bubbly stuff on the top. we're not sure what she might have digested to upset her stomach like so. she looked really down though so i stayed up thew night petting her and making sure she didnt gag...