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    Kids Snowboard! Burton Chicklet 110 with Bindings

    Burton Kids Snow Board - Chicklet 110 with Bindings. Great for learning! *** One binding needs a new toe strap.. Easily available from boardzone. Check our pictures here:Burton Chicklet 110 - Kids Board with Bindings - City of Toronto Sports Goods For Sale - Kijiji City of Toronto Canada.
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    Burton Custom X - 162 Wide w/ Bindings

    Burton Custom X - 162 Wide with Triad Bindings. Check out pictures here: Burton Custom X Wide 162 with Bindings - City of Toronto Sports Goods For Sale - Kijiji City of Toronto Canada. Cheers!
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    driving from toronto to banff

    We are planning a road trip to Banff in January. We already booked a place in Canmore and are looking for suggestions for the drive there. We are staying on the Canadian side for the ride... Is there anywhere worth staying the night? Or should we just drive straight through? We already know...
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    Brand New, Still in Box, Never Used Philips Epilator

    Brand New, Still in the box with all the attachments, Philips Epilator. Check out the product here: http://www.amazon.ca/Philips-HP6570-00-SatinPerfect-Epilator/dp/B004RUKIG0 Asking $70 May be able to drop off. Message me here via PM or post :)
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    Tim Bosma - RIP

    surprised not to see a thread here. strange and sad story. Tim Bosma found dead, Hamilton police say | Canada | News | National Post
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    best piercer in toronto

    Just as the title says. Where is the beat body piercer in to?
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    Cleaning Services

    Hi Fellow Tribers, My home/condo/apartment cleaning business is growing. I do have a few spots left for cleaning services. I am available for one offs, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleans. Competitive rates as well as a flexible schedule. PM me for more info :)
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    online design software

    Does anyone know of any free online design software for brochures or ads? Im looking for something more effective than word abd free. Thank you.
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    is there anyway to zap clear a bb or a bell 24 hour line

    please? its important...
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    Where to go Away to on New Years

    anyone know of a goos spot to go away to this new years? that will take a last minute reservation??
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    Costa Rica

    i've booked my trip, and i am heading to Costa Rica for two weeks of fun. who has been, what should i definitely do, and where should i go?!
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    FS |Pioneer CDJ 800 MK2 & Pioneer CDJ 200

    Pioneer CDJ 800 MK2 Box + Manual Very low use, never out of house, non-smoking environment $650 Pioneer CDJ 200 No box, manual Minimal usage $250 Buy both and a Behringer VMX 300 will be included. Will deliver in the GTA/K-W area. Posting for a friend, you can PM me or e-mail me...
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    Crossing the border by Car

    Does anyone know if you can cross the boarder via car with one of the new Ontario Drivers Licenses and a birth certificate? I want to go watch the hockey game!
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    Recommend a Paralegal Please

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for a paralegal to represent me at the Landlord and Tenant Board on August 10th... If anyone has any recommendations, please forward them to me. Thanks :) Laura
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    Organic Products

    a bunch of people on the board are looking into products without nasty chemicals from deoderants, skin care, and make-up... thought we could use a spot to share the recommendations... saw in the deoderant thread that ila is looking for a face cream recommendation... i recently switched...
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    LF - Tomato Cages

    this is a long shot, i know... does anyone have any tomato cages they don't need? i will buy them off ya... please pm me or e-mail thegreenjunction at gmail thanks :)
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    Staying Business in an Emotional Environment

    how do you stay focused and professional in a highly emotional environment? how are you able to stay focused on the issue without taking it personally? i do really well at work dealing with situations and i am able to conduct myself in a positive, professional, non-emotional manner. however...
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    LF: 2 Bedroom + Apartment ASAP

    Hi There, We are looking for a two bedroom + apartment in the following neighbourhoods: ~ Junction ~ Bloor West ~ High Park ~ Dupont Area ~ etc. (west end) Our requirements are that it either has a yard or a private deck. Must be clean, and well maintained. We are fully employed...
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    Giving Time...

    Hey Tribe, Do you know of any registered charities that need a group of 20-25 people to donate their skills and time? Basically we get to donate a day of work time to a registered charity in the GTA. It's not a donation of money, but a donation of time. We need to keep these people busy...
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    A Question for Kitty

    I took Buster and Kitty for their yearly check-ups this year, and they both are in great shape, except for Kitty's teeth. She has some lesions on two of her back teeth (pink almost like cavity spots) and he one canine has cracked. Basically they are saying she needs some major dentistry...