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    "Hey Buddy, I Live Here and I'm a Police Officer!"

    Right. So Otis and I got invited to spin at a kegger in Guleph. (Shouts going out to the two best looking boys in attendance - Jeffsus and Soulheaven, it was wickeed chillin' with you two, no bullshit...). The party had its moments - Otis battling it out with Everfresh, a longtime Liquid...
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    Protocol Radio is BACK!

    YES-YES!!! NOW IN HIGHSPEED QUALITY!!!! After a 6 week break we are beyond pleased to be back on air! Fo'reel. Last Wednesday, the server was rammed with listeners as we celebrated our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Maaan, it felt good to be back with such a great response!!!! PROTOCOL RADIO...
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    The Return of the Killer Barn.

    I don't even know where to start. But I must have had a blast if I'm the first one posting the damn review. hell yeah i had a blast!!! Big up the early morning crew - WE CLOSED THAT MOTHERFUCKER!!! (those who were there with me - sign in!!) AMY and SARAH - REALLY sweet meeting you guys...