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    FORE SALE Golf Clubs

    Yeah so I suck ass at golfing! Who needs some clubs. They're for southpaws, left swingers whatever you like to say. Full set of Irons Three woods Used twice, and I hardly even hit the ball. paid $450 accepting offers??? pm or email zakpike<that.at.thingie>hotmail.com...
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    3:30 pm

    it's always 4.20 someplace...
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    IVANA SANTILLI - Friday August 29th

    yes baby count me in I saw Ivanna at revival a while back. She has the voice of an angel, a sexy angel mmmmmmmmmmmm
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    Super DJs forced off the dancefloor

    oh no! it's dead? I better look for a new magazine to tell me what's cool now. What will I ever do?
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    other peoples msn = good times

    great way to start the day :cool:
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    How To Get Her Back ...

    Eclectic - you're a good soul!:cool:
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    France's heat wave death toll now 10,000

    french toast better yet freedom toast
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    MegaWatts Check Thread

    That's an oxymoron, perhaps goverment employees
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    Yet another BEST PICKUP LINES thread

    Hi, you'll do!
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    Mojo Radio

    I listen in the car all the time. It's a guilty pleasure.
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    How to make the TRIBE board better...

    Re: Re: Re: Re: How to make the TRIBE board better. (tribe improvements and upgrades wish list)
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    Well for those in the know, they were there and dancing like madmen. It was a refreshingly small crowd, in an exceptionally large venue. Killaloe rocks. There is something special about listening to house music as the sun creeps over the horizon. Or maybe it was all the bliss I took, whatever...
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    interview questions....

    Perfect, the dump thing, a nice touch too
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    The Das Weekend! thread

    Up to killaloe, again, this time not at the kraftfair. Jake ishosting his third annual Bigfoot Party. Last year was an incredible, small intimate party with two stages and a couple of renegade stages. Should be one of summers best kept secrets. Oooops secrets out! Hope to see some of you...
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    What no lunch thread?

    you guys eat really well I had some chips a pop and two smokes but for dinner, steak and beer (thank you company function) and maybe some more smokes
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    Boycott the movie "open range"

    <----- scratches head and wonders why we don't like americans.
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    $7.50 movies any night any theatre

    sooooooooo true! man they think the run things
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    $7.50 movies any night any theatre

    How, you ask? I just discovered this little ditty. Go into,say Paramount, go to tittless teller (automated machine) and purchase a ticket for any movie you wish. Then you select a ticket >> choose golden it's $7.50 so you take you ticket to the pimpley kid at the gate, it's best to kinda...
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    how do u properly dispose of batteries?

    and turns them into power alankeys