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    OLONG the rabbit

    Just found out about his website, I wish I had kool pet like that. http://www.syberpunk.com/cgi-bin/index.pl?page=oolong
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    I know its been done before but we're heading up to Montreal in like 2 weeks and ideas of places to check out? Clubs: house, trance? Bars and must see places? So whats good on Sat? I know about Sonar, Stero and stuff anything else I should keep my eys open for? Cheers, :D
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    Anyone still up?

    Well I was thinking tonite was such a strange nite. My mom calls me at like 1 am wakes me up and starts going on about how she misses me and stuff and wants me to go back home. Any of you guys ever feel guilty for not being around your parents as often as you can?