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    OUCH!! Get Well Soon Temper Tantrum...

    Have a speedy recovery, glad to hear you're ok.
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    Congrats to Jamie (Jemz) and Jen on their Wedding Day :)!

    CONGRATS!!! All the best for the future!!!
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    how bout another word association game.....

    Roy's Tiger
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    how bout another word association game.....

    air supply
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    i can't believe no one posted: Dragonball! Dragonall Z Dragon GT was kind of crap but Goku most be the coolest guy ever! Other notables are Slam Dunk Cyber Formula Dr Slump Saint Senya (I think its called warriors of the zodiac over here) Romance of the 3 kingdoms Neputa Orange...
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    Le Chemin by Kyo & Sita really kool french duet. Can't get the tune out of my head
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    foods that should NOT exist

    FROG OVARIES!!! Yes I have been raised on this "very healthy, good for you" soup. It takes like shit and they float around like realy big bubble tea. It still gives my shudders everytime I think about it. Its called "Sup gap guo" in Cantonese
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    how bout another word association game.....

    ARRROOOUUUWWWWW "wolf howl"
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    OLONG the rabbit

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    OLONG the rabbit

    Just found out about his website, I wish I had kool pet like that. http://www.syberpunk.com/cgi-bin/index.pl?page=oolong
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    I know its been done before but we're heading up to Montreal in like 2 weeks and ideas of places to check out? Clubs: house, trance? Bars and must see places? So whats good on Sat? I know about Sonar, Stero and stuff anything else I should keep my eys open for? Cheers, :D
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    Joke Of the day...

    Why do indians smell so bay? So blind people can hit them! :cool:
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    how bout another word association game.....

    Gunners = 'really good british drink'