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    Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(

    RIP Kevin I only met you a couple times MANY years ago at parties but remember you were a real positive guy. This is really sad. You expect people like Kevin to live for a long time. My condolences to his wife, kids and all family/friends grieving.
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    Can we talk about investing again?

    When the hell is gold coming back? I bought at the height UGH
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    Vinyl making a comeback

    Has anyone used the new Pioneer PLX-1000's? I'm thinking I would get those over 1200s. Born again: Pioneer DJ releases the PLX-1000 high-torque direct drive professional turntable
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    the York U murder

    He was friends with chipotle. I wonder where that cracker jack ended up?
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    Career Change

    Thanks for all the comments guys! Very encouraging. I am going to ride out this last year of my current foreign assignment and then take the big leap right after it's over. I'm already excited about the future.
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    Career Change

    I'm 31 and currently have a good paying job that's allowed me to travel to some places I've always wanted to go to. The problem is that this job is not my passion. It's something I fell into through my family and worked my way up in over the past 8 years because I am good at it. I don't want to...
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    CODA opening -- with Art Department

    What would happen to a venue if authorities catch people smoking inside?
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    My restaurant made the top 10 restaurants on DineTO

    Well done Marc! Turning your passion into a highly regarded success.
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    2015 TFC/MLS thread

    Why are you so upset? If you want world class players you need to pay more money. You should be thankful TFC is investing this kind of money to improve the squad. Who cares about the exact amount they paid. MLSE can afford it.
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    Despacio: the 50,000-watt sound system designed for discerning audiophiles

    I'll be going to the Thursday show in London and will post a review. I have a feeling this will only ruin every other night in my future with the sound never being up to this standard. Can't wait!
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    The final season of BREAKING BAD

    I had no problem with the gun battle. Some of you are a little too fickle with this. Just let the scene end before saying the show's ending has been ruined with a gun battle.
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    The Travel Thread

    I went to Cornwall, England this past weekend. It's the south western tip of the country. Incredibly beautiful cliffs, seaside beach scenery, beautiful countryside and friendly people. Highlights for me were The Minack Theatre (literally a full time theatre in the summer with a cliff side...
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    email etiquette: first name greetings

    I can't stand "Regards,". It's absolutely meaningless to me.
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    This shouldn't be a surprise to most of you

    Does Judge Jules still DJ? Surprised he's on that list.
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    I love this show but it's run its course. They should've killed Dexter off in the last episode or sent him to jail. Now they'll be running around in circles getting out of one jam after another in the next season. Seeing those flashbacks of Doakes reminded how much of dickhead character he...
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    The X-Factor

    Carly will win. Deservedly so.
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    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    I went to Patria with my wife last night. It's a new Spanish restaurant serving mainly Tapas style dishes located on King St West beside Weslodge. I was very impressed with everything about the experience. The service was very caring, attentive, and helpful. Our server recommended a really...
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    agentRC4's losing pro-line thread

    ^ pretty funny story. Goes to show no matter how smart you are as a sports gambler, it usually comes down to luck. I think I'm going to do completely random picks this week.
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    agentRC4's losing pro-line thread

    I got all 10 picks in the Premier League pool correct his past weekend. Only won $244. That's nothing close to the recent single winning NFL pool ticket of $725k
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    the Soccer News/Transfers thread

    I'm not a Liverpool fan, but I've been enjoying that new series "Being Liverpool". Brendan Rogers seems like a good manager to work for.