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    Mike Gleeson : Bounce Live @ Footwork : April 7, 2012 - Funky House

    So this is my set opening up for Sonny Fodera last month. I've had a few people ask for this set so here it is, straight up. It's pretty much full on party music, recorded live, mistakes and all. It runs a little less than an hour. Enjoy! Mike Gleeson live at Bounce @ Footwork, April 7, 2012...
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    Sonny Fodera live at Bounce - April 7, 2012

    Funky house party music right here. This is Sonny's set live from our party at Footwork, where he smashed it! http://soundcloud.com/sonnyfodera/sonny-fodera-live Tracklisting? You'd have to ask Sonny! Bounce House
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    Mike Gleeson - Bounce Springs Sessions 2012 - Funky House

    The summery weather we've had recently inspired me to dig up some super disco, funky house tracks and put together this mix right here. Seemed like the perfect time and in keeping with the good times theme, it's pretty much a full on party type mix; nothing too subtle but tons of fun. Hope to...
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    Bumpin' 2011: bumpin' house y'all!

    Well those of you remember back to the Bumpin' series of mixes I did years ago will know what this is gonna be all about, and for everybody else: funky shit pretty much all the way through. Nothing too brow-furrowing with this, just jams mixed up and spit back out. Enjoy! Bumpin' 2011 |...
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    1980's Dj Mix Volume 2 - Mike Gleeson

    A few years back I did a mix of 80's pop tunes, and since then I've had a lot of requests for a sequel. I always meant to do another, so and I finally got around to it, so here we go. Now if you're looking for subtlety, good taste, and sophistication, why the hell would you have even...
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    Mike Gleeson | Simple Harmonic Motion | funky house w/equals parts Party,Rave,Stupid

    Nothing too subtle or fancy about this one - just a fun, bangin, funky house mix to set the summer off. Enjoy, share with your friends, and play it at your next afternoon tea! Right click save as: Simple Harmonic Motion 01. Channel X | Snug Descent (Oliver Koletzi Remix) | Stil Vor Talent 02...
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    Sonny Fodera live at Bounce pres. Underground & Late Vol. 4 | March 19, 2011

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    Mike Gleeson - Here There Be Monsters: groovy, deep - and sometimes strange - House

    Clicky: Here There Be Monsters http://soundcloud.com/g/mike-gleeson-here-there-be-1 Here's a mix I just did up that is a little different to the typical house stuff I'm better known for. I kinda had a couple things in mind when i did it that i'd like to share: Part of the inspiration...
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    Mike Gleeson | Sunday Deep 4: A-Sides | Deep, chilled out house

    Over the years I periodically do up a completely chilled out house mix composed of the sort of stuff I like to listen to on sundays, chilling out and decompressing. The music in these mixes is unlike anything i normally get booked to play at parties, but then again the mixes in the Sunday...
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    Mike Gleeson | Extravaganza | House

    Just did a mix up of some of the tunes i've been spinning for the last lil bit. You can dl the mix from the link, but it's also available as a mixed CD. Now the CD version actually has a bonus track on it that's mixed in such a way that - should you fancy yerself a dj - you can straight up...
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    Canada Day by the Lake: 12 hrs of dj mixes: Hector Moralez, Loopity Goofs, Gleeson, +

    Bounce, Preacherman, and the Ballers put on a lakeside Canada Day house music jam. Here are the dj sets from the day, in order of play. Enjoy! G.Cue, MizMegs, LeeMacdonad, ChrisVench Loopity Goofs Hector Moralez Mike Gleeson Preacherman tracklistings will be up as they become...
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    Bounce by the Lake: dj sets from the jam: Gleeson&Sage, Loopities, Mes, Craw Amay,..

    Rather than start a new thread for each dj set, I'm going to upload all of the sets from the party in this one thread. I'll post up the sets in the order that they were played, and will link up the next two up when they're uploaded and I have the djs' permissions. So here we go, the first...
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    Jason Hodges live @ Underground & Late Vol. 3

    And here we go - Jason Hodges' set leading leading up to Sonny's banger. I quite like this one myself. Enjoy! Jason Hodges Live @ Underground & Late Vol. 3 For those interested, we're doing a couple of other jams along these lines May long weekend, and we'll be front and centre at the...
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    Sonny Fodera live @ Underground & Late Vol. 3

    Alright! Sonny's mix live from a party that Bounce and Preacherman put on a few weeks ago here in Toronto at some sleazy underground spot. It's 2 and a half hours of funky house mayhem. Enjoy! Sonny Fodera Live @ Underground & Late Vol. 3 For those interested, we're doing a couple of other...
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    Mike Gleeson - B'oz. : techy, funky, and groovy house

    Its a mix of old and new, techy and groovy, and whatever else I might hear me playing lately. Enjoy! Mike Gleeson - B'oz. 01. ABC - Millionaire(Acapella) 02. Shipyard - Cargo 03. Foremost Poets - Pump It(Acapella) 04. Elle Siegmeister - wtf? 05. Sean Smith feat. JL - Cloud 9 06. Hideo...
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    HD tv recommendations + blu ray player

    I've a small problem at home in that I recently received a Panasonic DMP-BD80 blu ray player as a gift but.... i don't even own a tv. That said, I was thinking of buying an lcd flat anyway, so maybe this is a good excuse. I would only be using this for playing movies(ie no actual tv or cable...
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    Jason Hodges live @ Underground & Late Vol 2 - Dec 5, 2009

    I posted the link up in the party reviews section, but I thought others might appreciate catching it via the mix room, so here you go - Jason Hodges live at Bounce & Preacherman's boozecan the other week: Jason Hodges, live @ Underground & Late Vol 2!
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    external hd issue...

    kinda interesting problem i'm having at the moment: upon booting, my external hd isn't recognized any longer by windows. in fact, if i do try to boot w7 with the hd powered on, windows will not boot at all. i tried doing this as well by powering it on while in the bios and the bios froze...
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    FS Northface Nuptse winter jacket - Medium, 700 Fill

    I got this as a present midway through winter last year, but its a size too big, so I bought myself a smaller one for this year(same kind tho as it's warm as hell and would be perfect if it weren't a bit too big). It retails for $269 + tax, but I'll sell it for $150 cash. Here are the...
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    Bounce & Preacherman present: JT Donaldson live in Toronto: Oct 17, 2009

    Here we go, 2 and a half hours of late night magic! JT Donaldson, live at Late Night & Underground