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    Franck rogerrrrrrrrr

    My man was on point. Too bad we don't get him here enough...the guy is super talented. Programming and mixing was incredible...the sound system in Cobra really did him well... He dropped some killer tracks (that I have no clue who produced) for about an hour and a half...crazy, crazy...
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    Loco dice...

    ...is incredible. Crazy set with sick tune after tune....I don't think there was one bad track...programming was boom-bastic!!! I believe he played for 5 hrs (extended his set for an hr)...I can't believe I stayed to the end...very unlikely thing for me these days... But, when the...
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    Karizma + spen

    Karizma. The man has presence. As for Spen...no disrespect to the man, but he just didn't do it for me...seems like every time he came on, it took away from what Karizma just did... Tough bill to play side by side against, IMO, one of the best DJ's/Producers... Impeccable mixing and...
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    Jerome Syndenham- Garage 416

    Somewhat of a small turnout for an amazing DJ/Producer. I only got to stay until about 1:30am, but up until then, I had an incredible time just sittin' back and groovin'. A LOT of goodies were dropped, and it wasn't your regular "over-played" beats either....a lot of fresh stuff, at...
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    Thursday House Nights

    Where and When? Is Dirty Dale still doing the Octupuss Lounge? Thanks!!
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    Anybody hit up FILSONIK????

    Anyone hit this up?
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    Master Kev YO sessions

    Anyone know where you can download his sets from?
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    I <3 DJ Heather + Master Kev

    God bless. :D
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    Karizma / K2 / Kohesive / Kaytronic / Kartino

    What a great night. Andy was playing some sweet tunes when I arrived. Then Martino jumped on and the whole place started to get bumpin'. They both did an excellent job opening for Karizma. Went outside for a quick blaze and got in the door shorlty after Karizma started. This was my...
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    Dino & Terry - Bird Lounge??

    Anyone know if these gentlemen are playing this Saturday?
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    Kerri Chandler! woo-hoo!

    Kerri Chandler Oh snap! :D
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    KARIZMA Part 1 & 2 ??

    Anyone hit it up?
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    track id??

    female vocals with a deep synth/bass style beat i keep.....movin forward...pressin onward..strappin further...i keep... i keep........keep on laughing..keep on living..keep on lovin yeaahhh...i keep... keep on dreamin..keep on achievin..keep on believin...i keep.... i wouldn't be...
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    BLAZE - Kevin Hedge???

    For all us suckers at work today....fill us in on the goods of last night... :confused:
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    Nick Holder/Kevin Yost - Reviews???

    anybody hit this party up?? would love to hear some reviews.
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    One more track id...

    I remember hearing this tune years ago...it was so damn catchy but I have no clue who it's from....all i can gather is one verse from the track... it went something along the lines like... "We like the music...we like the disco sound" - it's sounds like a female whispering the vocal
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    Another Track Id, si vous plait...

    and it goes a little something like this.... "I was born in a systemmmmmmm, that doesn't give a fuck about you or me, or.......... technics1200 --> :confused:
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    Track Id please....

    This is going to sound pretty lame, but I know someone here will definitely know this tune... It sounds like it's from Mr. V and it goes a little something like this... "I like the way you dance...I like the way you move....biggity bap bap, biggity bap bap...." That's all I can muster...
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    FRANCK ROGER @ Gypsy Co-op

    snapshot of last night: crowd- typical heads out in full force. waaaaaaaaaaaay too many guys. sound system- needs some work. music- deep. disco. classic. soul. mixing was a little off throughout the set, but i was too drunk too even care... the dude gets really into his...
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    Farina's set - Sonic Aug.6, 2006

    any chance of it being recorded and someone posting it???.... he layed down some dope, dope tracks at the beginning of his set....