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    Most Drugged-Out track?

    how about Jeff Mills - Growth or Teste - Regions/Praecox
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    tribe helps: Where to party in Vegas? How to get in?

    this is true. Go to Drai's Afterhours. If you get there early (1am-ish) it should be easy to get in.
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    Has anyone done a Energy Audit of their home?

    used enwise a year ago, but they aggressively tried to sell me their products - at rip off prices. we didn't buy their stuff, and it subsequently took forever for them to get back to me for anything. I had no clue where I was at in the process of submitting forms, since all that work is...
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    huge stock market slide, just the beginning ?

    some major coin is being made off of these market fluctuations (even without any need to short) delicious
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    Tribe Poker Thread

    that really sucks
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    best album from 1995-present

    B.I.G. - Life After Death
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    Recommend ONE album from 85-95

    Gza - Liquid Swords
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    Raver Bathroom

    that vid induces involuntary jaw clenching/teeth grinding.
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    What (house) are you listening to?

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    What do you think of ” house” lovers who may be as old as your parents :)

    This thread reminds me of a party in Detroit during DEMF a few years back, and the majority of peeps there were over 35, many over 40. It was one of my favorite parties ever. Friendliest crowd, and not because they are on pills, it was genuine. Talking with these guys as they laid down...
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    Zeitgeist, The Movie

    i love a good conspiracy theory "powerful bankers have been conspiring for world domination and increased power while the rich of society have been using their wealth to increase financial panic and foster a consolidation of independent competing banks. Supporters of this theory can say to a...
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    huge stock market slide, just the beginning ?

    JPMorgan Chase has agreed to buy all of Bear Stearns shares for $2 each, for a total of about $270 million. A year ago, shares of Bear sold for $170. The unprecedented deal includes a commitment from JPMorgan and the Federal Reserve to guarantee the trading obligations of Bear...
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    Has anyone on here ever owned a Jeep or other Chrysler vehicle?

    drove my girl's 2000 jeep cherokee for a few years, it was pretty awesome. except for the major gas guzzling, but what do you expect really
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    Best Place for a honeymoon

    went to Hawaii to get married + honeymoon it was great maui is secluded enough for me, and imo is a perfect honeymoon spot but you could get even more secluded by going to Kauai pm me if you need more
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    Best DimSum in Toronto?

    there's also a place at First Markham Place called Ngau Kai Kee or something like that. In the front there's all these pics of the chef, who's prob imo the best chinese chef in the city. He used to own a higher end chinese restaurant called Maple Garden on East Beaver Creek, but he moved to...
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    Best DimSum in Toronto?

    uptown chinese food is the best (markham, richmond hill, scarborough), and that includes the dim sum. hard to pick a best chinese restaurant since turnover is so high, there always seems to be a "great new place" to go to. It seems like the really good places are only good for a while, I...
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    left brain or right brain?

    http://www.switched.com/2007/10/15/the-trippiest-optical-illusions-on-the-net/ (It's fun when a group of people watch the same screen at the same time, and see it differently.) THE Right Brain vs Left Brain test ... do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise? If...
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    I get high........

    sounds like a red eye I get a short mild black eye every morning, but i think i might have to up it to 3 shots - not sure what that one's called.
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    Montreal: Ricardo Villalobos, Dandy Jack

    ahhh Metropolis