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    Jimpster @ Footwork

    i believe its: cloud dancer-solomun (manuel tur's mix)
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    New Mixes

    hey jc!:) not sure how "fresh" these are but Chris Jylkke & Groove Universe are the two dj's that i've been really making the Ipod and drive much more enjoyable. the bigger names: Both Luke Fair & Add 2 Basket's Rogue show mixes-Episode 001 Soooo good. B.
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    Sultan Nubreed cd

    amazing dj. deep, dark and filthy dirty beats....i love his sound. perfect for closing things out...(and jogging):) some of his connected mixes have kept me going at least 3k further. bh
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    is the prog room dead?

    haha! yes jc (whats up bro) the b2b friday night pre-party stella debaucery was definitely the perfect and only way to kick off every friday....."I love Friday's" RIP Breathe Paint the world anew Find a way to open all The joy in order to Illuminate the strain Fireworks in the blue...
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    is the prog room dead?

    i don't really know what exactly prog is, was, or if it still exists today...but if I could sum it up today here in 2009 with two words it would be Ricky Ryan. check out his five parted mob festival brazil mix from January...
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    New sets

    finding some amazing music here http://spiritsoulmixarchive.wordpress.com/ the luke fair set from feb the sultan connected set before dannys set and the sos transistions are all making my long commute to work very enjoyable:D bh
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    killers tickets

    i know it's a long shot but anyone willing to part with two? bh
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    New sets

    :eek: :eek: :eek: good god that was brilliant!!! hands down the best mix i've heard in a long long time. thank-you, bh
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    ATB at the Guv

    that clip reminded me of 1998 for some reason.
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    Domo Arigatou Mr. Barato and Mr. Lawler

    can someone upload the above mentioned promo cd ? for those not able to attend.......or get handed one. i'm sure steve would not mind. bh
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    Dave Seaman

    when i'm there for 7 hours and nature calls yes...next time i'm bringing depends after a long search i did manage to find a reasonably clean washroom in the gallery though....so this story has a happy ending unless your the gallery mens room attendant.
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    Dave Seaman

    i always find it too crowded when the stage is shut down. they take a room that is already to small for the number of people there and make it smaller. i'm sure with their budget they can find a better solution that would allow for a little more crowd interaction and not shrink the square...
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    Sayhello DeepDish 11minute vocal remix

    i thought the steve angello remix of this track was quite good
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    Building ready to topple on Younge

    i also just walked past this on my way home from work. if this is news today they are having a very slow day. a couple of loose bricks, a few that have already come down and few that look like they are going to fall. area on the side of the building is approx 4ft by 4 ft. of course all...
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    Tim Horton's IPO...

    the rich get richer.....don't you think there is just something a little bit wrong with this. I wonder how much Paul House is raking in on the Tim's stock while his employee's slave for $7.50 an hour. The greed of these people is almost too much to understand sometimes. ps: i'm glad to...
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    Does the advent of digital technology mean the end of the "superDJ?"

    or what about if there were only 30 "super" dj's. playing clubs, some in north america, some in europe, some in the far east. there would be an audio and video transmission that could be broadcasted and the club owners would pay to pick it up. i know it obviously creates a better vibe when...
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    Tribe Poker Thread

    the biggest mistake i see players make on-line is to way over play pocket pairs. yes, you have a pair of jacks so what a king, ace or queen comes out your beat, fold and move on. way too often you see people playing pocket sevens like they have a royal flush.....let it go. you miss your...
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    Upcoming Essential Mixes

    yep! this mix is going to get alot of rotation over the next couple of months for sure. these guys all have a very similar sound so it works so well together. not progressive in the traditional sense but just really great house music. would have loved to hear this on a big club system in...
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    Adam Marshall Strikes Again!

    went to high school with adam. i couldn't believe it when i first saw him behind the decks back at Industry....thought my mind might be playing "tricks" on me as it did from time to time back in those days. :) i will have to give this a listen when i get home from work this evening to...
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    Tribe Poker Thread

    do NOT play on poker stars. in my opinion this site has rigged software to promote big hands playing big hands therefore pushing both the player betting & rake to higher levels. this has worked in both my favour and against me however the flops you see on poker stars are not realistic...