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    killers tickets

    i know it's a long shot but anyone willing to part with two? bh
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    dj gear for sale

    Gemini BPM 1000 - Mixer 4 Channel $250.00 Techniques 1200 Black x 1- Turntable $400.00 with Santon Cart. Gemini XL-500 Turntable $40.00 American Audio DCD-Pro 600 - Cd Mixer $400.00 Everything is in excellent working condition and is with the exception of the Gemini...
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    Thomas Penton WMC Spring Promo 2003

    i knew penton was spot on as a producer but this is a great mix. no atmoshere, or build up on this disk just right into it, with the deep techy progressive. if you like his production work this mix is a must have. available on ss for download. i haven't been able to find a tracklisting...
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    a quick question

    where the best place in town to find upfront techno on vinyl? thanks, bh
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    justin timberlake-bill hamel remix

    "cry me a river" say it ain't so bill. i don't want to cloud this room with negativity but come on. justin timberlake is the reason why i don't listen to radio music. don't bring him into this genre. horrible vocal for a progressive house track imo. i understand madonna, micheal and...
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    Mario J??

    ok i'm primarily a prog house kinda guy these days but was curious as to where Mario J disappeared to when industry closed. I've heard nothing about him in the city for the past 2 years. I heard he was supposed to be going to New York to dj, but has he never returned to do guest sets...
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    encore tracks...

    Applogies if this is a thread i've missed in the past.... however just wondering what tracks would be most appreciated by all those hardcore heads who never miss the encore tracks (my personal favorite time of the evening/morning). Three that would leave limping home with a (insert smile...