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    Eden (the movie)

    Hey kids...it's been awhile... Thought some of you might be interested in this. There is a film called Eden that will start showing June 26th at the TIFF Bell Lightbox that some of you might be interested in checking out. Some friends saw it last week and it comes highly recommended...
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    RIP Kenny Quinn aka pr0nstar on TRIBE.

    RIP Kenny. :(
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    help for a newbie android user

    Now this is what I've been looking for. Thanks Deep!
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    Curt Martin-Housework

    I can't stop listening to this. Thanks again Curt!
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    Getting the Toronto casino didn't take much lobbying at all!

    I'm asian. I like casinos.
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    Nuit Blanche

    My nuit blanche consisted of driving by some "art" and then going to an awesome house party, then hitting a park to find an outdoor rave but instead it was just a cop car and a guy with balloons. Hit Nuit Black which was awesome and then came back to house party but then got kidnapped and went...
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    Apple is for Sheep. Baaaaaa.
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    Things to do in Tdot

    Do what dirty girl does best. Get a 40...put it in a paper bag. Drink in park :) (my preferred park is bellwoods)
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    Where do the 35's and over go dancing these days?

    BoK parties are good. Dos Mondos Latin jams are good. Wait for the Minion Crew jams to start happening....those will be for old jaded ravers like myself.
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    2012: the year electronic music broke

    The music at WEMF kinda sucked in my opinion although I pretty much missed most of the acts I wanted to see due to being stuck at my own stage most of the time. Everywhere I walked it was dubstep/brostep/jungle. I sneaked out for a bit on Sat morning to check out Krafty Kuts. As soon as he...
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    So what's so good about Leslieville?

    I concur! LET'S START OUR OWN BACONFEST (after wemf)
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    So what's so good about Leslieville?

    I went looking for baconfest (followed directions on flyer) I didn't see shit so I left and went to Cherry Beach for our own little rib and sausage and deliciousness fest.
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    Stabbing at Bay & King

    I'm ok. I saw the man...he was bleeding from the back of his head and had some paramedics tending to him. Didn't know it was a stabbing at the time though. crazy!
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    Nobody Cares...

    I ate it. But I think I'm gonna hold off on the drumsticks.
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    Nobody Cares...

    Should I eat this piece of KFC?
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    Mike Shannon

    I think you should go. Seriously. This Saturday...who's in?
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    CRUSH time !!

    Awwww....that's nice.
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    Is there any techno in Toronto today?

    There is techno tonight. Milkrun!
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    Who wants to see my big nipples?

    If by meth you mean huge nips, then yes. I mean no; lay on.