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    Happy Birthday to Chrisd!

    Happy b day bra! I know it's mañana but you're never on tribe on the weekends. Here's hoping the wife and you find a great house soon. Enjoy your last birthday sans baby.:O
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    Tomorrow is a very special day!

    Almost Half a decade ago :p a very important person on this board made her debut into this world! Happy Birthday Dirty Gurl! When are you coming to Toronto so I can take you out to celebrate? Xoxo Devie
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    Countdown till Christmas Vacation!

    Please post how many days you have left untill you are off work as well as the duration of your leave. I'll start: 8 hours and 12 mins motherf*ckers! I return to work Jan 4th. Thank-you
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    Question about Artificial Christmas trees.

    Yes I'm that bored at work today that I'm searching for Christmas trees online. I'm not sure if I should buy a tree that is prelit or not. While it would save time not having to strand the lights myself, I've heard that if one light goes out a whole section goes out. I also imagine that it is...
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    RIP Ryan Dunn

    Drinking and driving don't mix funny guy. :( Bam Margera's Mom: 'Jackass' Star Ryan Dunn Dead | TMZ.com
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    River Rafting

    Can anyone recomend a good place to go rapid river rafting this summer? I'm too lazy to use google and would perfer some personal recomendations from the peeps at tribe since they usually give great advice. :)
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    Place to buy paintings or prints

    Can anyone recomend a store that sells paintings or prints? I've already checked out a bunch of homesense and winners stores and ikea and still can't find what I'm looking for. I'm not looking to pay more then 100-200 for a picture to hand on the wall above my tv. I've already tried google as...
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    Happy International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia Day!

    The CIBC Pride Network sends you greetings on the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO) is celebrated around the world on May 17th and aims to coordinate events to call for respect of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual...
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    Outdoor Patio Carpets

    Has anyone seen any stylish outdoor carpets sized for a balcony? I would be looking for around 3x6ft. I've seen some online but would prefer to just go pic it up same day rather then wait. Any suggestions?:)
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    Where can a geet a good piece of meat?

    Can you recommend a good butcher dt where I could pick up some nice steaks for bbq'in? Not the organic butcher on Church as for those prices I might as well just go out for steak. I love the steaks from costco that are like 3 for $30. Do any of the supermarkets dt have similar quality steaks? So...
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    Privatization of garbage pick-up in Toronto

    What are peoples thoughts on this? I think it would be good for the city. Seems to have worked well for Etobicoke the last couple of years.
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    HR Question

    Is an openly flamboyent gay individual considered to be part of a visual minority in the workplace?
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    24 hour restaurants?

    Anyone know of any 24 hour restaurants other than 7west or Frans downtown?
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    Power Outage

    Complete darkness from Queen to St. Clair Dufferin to Jane.
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    Happy Birthday Michlerish!

    Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a great time in Hawaii!
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    Montreal Pride Aug 2-4th

    Lucinda and I will be heading up with two other friends. Any other Tribers making the road trip up to Mount Royal for a little debauchery al la quebecor?
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    Happy Birthday Lucinda!!!!!!

    Happy 29th Birthday Lulu! I'm grateful to be able to count you among my best friends! Have an awesome day! Love always your pal for life Dave
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    FS 1984 Volkswagen Convertible Cabaret

    My boss is selling this extra car Never winter Driven, new roof, tires, and recently painted, well maintained. Winter cover included. Convertible Standard Four Cylinder Great Fuel Economy $2499 Call 905-842-9488
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    Happy Birthday Lysistrata!!!

    Have a super day Dorianne! Dave
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    Giver a sweep lucinda

    i'm tryina pm u!