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    The perpetual what's for lunch thread

    is there anywhere in toronto you can get a poutine that's actually made with fresh cheese curds and/or a pogo/corn dog with sweet mustard? i'm jonesing.
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    The best Spicy Tuna in Toronto thread:

    Despite the fact that liking spicy tuna is going to brand me an ignorant rube, I gotta say that echootje is absolutely right about the volcano sushi at vincent's being damned tasty. And I've always been pleased with the freshness of the fish and the quality of their other dishes as well. I had...
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    awesome. i was listening to nick cave again after hearing a documentary on the history of 'stagger lee'. the nick cave rendition is amazing/brutal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lneSAju-Xtc love the dancing.
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    Happy 30th Birthday, Jerrold/gasper !!

    happy birthday fellow mpc^2 nerd!
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    Movies about Losers

    There's a loser in Big Lebowski? Walter? Just got my hands on the 'twitch city' dvds. It's my favourite lovable loser tv show ever. It's kindof similar to lebowski tho, the laziness has reached such admirable/zen guru levels that i'm not sure i can call him a loser.
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    Splinter! at Blue Moon

    hooray. a good reason for actually leaving my house. can't wait.
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    Shootings In Montreal!!

    i just checked to see, and yep it's all over cnn and they're being idiots. one reporter first compared the shooters to terrorists, but said "tho they're obviously not terrorists" <-- ?? then, this was the clincher, he said: "you gotta wonder what kind of security considerations were in place...
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    Cherry beach- take back the beach people need to organize

    hey, just an idea, but you should probably cc that guy/gal who wrote the star article about how great for the city the cherry beach parties are. that might have helped expose cherry beach to begin with, but i seem to recall it being a very pro-cherry-beach article. maybe they'd take it under...
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    HDR Photography?

    Menu-> 2nd tab (camera 2) select AEB, adjust it up and down to change the auto-bracketing, hit 'set' now if you go to take a photo, you should see 3 different exposure levels on your lcd. you can still adjust the centre exposure by holding the AV button and moving the wheel back and forth...
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    HDR Photography?

    I've tried it out a couple times, it's definitely interesting. The halo's are annoying. And it can definitely be overused, but sometimes it can be really nice. I'm a n00b, but I like this one: except for the darned lens flare. much thanks to crazygonad for showing me how to use photomatix.
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    Sebadoh - III reissue Wooo. There's some good reissue business happening lately. Bringing back the good highschool memories. "Spoiled" remains such a good song it's really ridiculous.
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    cumming first

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    What the hell are you listening to?

    McLusky do Dallas. It seems like the only albums that I get really excited by these days is music that I slept on when it came out originally. I'm getting totally out of tocuh. But anyways, this album's everything I like about loud, dissonant but still-catchy noise.
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    What are you having for dinner?

    I'm currently thoroughly enjoying a bowl of the most heretical chicken tonkatsu ever. * steam rice * bake chicken fingers * slice chicken fingers for presentation purposes * apply tonkatsu sauce. (lazy + hungry!)
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    Looking for a good place to get a ROTI

    let me know when you come up with it!
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    woo! burzum.
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    What Makes You A Nerd?

    hahaha, a whole lot of amusing assumptions going on right there.
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    What Makes You A Nerd?

    Hmmm... * highschool included both 'reach for the top' and 'drama club' * went to uoft for a summer as a kid to do 'computer camp' * favourite tv shows lately include battlestar galactica and veronica mars * have a job where i don't have to leave the house and program stuff for cell phones *...
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    how is it?
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    West8 Waterfront (Dutch Design Team)

    actually, the maple leaf itself (not the shape) is pretty interesting. lillypad garden used for filtration as i can tell from the pdf. with a massive boardwalk around it and a restaurant. the maple leaf was just kinda kitschy, and i guess that's why it was axed. i wonder how much of this...