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    Promise NYE

    I believe I'll be there. Any of you old farts attending? Tickets go on sale soon I hope. Hopefully the rain doesn't follow me from Vancouver. Marian :cool:
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    Kaskade April 10 Commodore

    Still debating on whether I'm going to shell out more than I need to for this night on top of suffering the next morning at work... *sigh* :confused::(
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    Lotus Long Weekend : Easter Bunny Bender : Lotus, Honey & Lick Nightclubs Ap 9 09

    It's hosted at Lotus, Honey & Lick Nightclubs 455 Abbott St @ Pender I've been told that it's banging. I'm headed there despite working at 630am the next morning. woo. Lotus [House] Tyler Johnson • Siavash • Tom Thomas • Nigel Ray Honey [AnythingTheF@#%Goes] Betti Forde • Abasi •...
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    Not much in this forum ever. Dear Lori, We need to hang out before I head off the continent for 6 months starting in June. Love and Skittles, Marian G ch33sebaconpan
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    Fear(s) of the Dark / Peur(s) du Noirs

    Okay, so I couldn't wait and I just received my Region 4 code version of this animation flick. I need help to make a copy without further advancing toward locking my MacbookPro's cd drive. I tried updating the firmware to make it rpc-1 but it failed. I'm doomed to rpc-2 it seems. What...
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    Anyone work for Wells Fargo Financial

    My room mate just dealt with an asshole that happened to be a supervisor at a Wells Fargo call centre. She gave him no reason to be this way of course. I have a few questions about consolidation loans. Anyone know or work there? MG
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    Any L.A. Tribers?

    I'm just waiting to board my flight to LA and I was curious as to whether there were any Tribers in the G.L.A. area. Also any points of incredible interest that I should check out? I'm there until Monday. Hangovers on flights = sketchy ugh. Mg
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    BJORK May 23rd Deer Lake Park

    WOOHOO! BjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörkBjörk...
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    LCD Soundsystem @ Commodore.

    Anyone? Bueller? *yawn* Mg
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    electric six at Richards.

    Any of you fucks going :) I'll be there. Doors at 8pm. Can't wait! I'm soooo sore from Whistler though. Oi. Mg
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    BRT: old LUSH [rip] Partiers need your help

    I was wondering if anyone who partied and knew people that partied at Lush in London back in the good ol' days could help me out. Anyone know a woman named Deb? She dated a fella named Mark Carter, tall, slender, short haired, fun type guy. She is naturally cute, blond, 5'3", good fashion...
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    amir khordepaz

    I was curious as to whether anyone has heard from him or seen him lately. He threw some great parties back in the day and was fun to work for. MG
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    Maximus Graham @ Caprice March 8 07

    Woo He's back and I'm in there like rain wear. MG
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    Kaskade @ Caprice Feb 22 thurs

    yes? $20 at boomtown I believe. Should be fun? I imagine 12am set time? MG
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    Jay-J Barnone

    Crap this is also happening.. $20 advanced. Hmmmmph. Damnit. I would also mention that Max is playing March 8th at Caprice. :( He hates my guts though. With good reason. MG
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    Stanton Warriors Friday Jan 26th

    Richards.. anyone game? $25 advance more at the door. Bueller? If not I may see Crystal Pistol at the Buffalo club. MG
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    stripping the lsb on an hdcd encode

    Anyone have any insight into how to do this? Mg
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    Fred Everything Sat 9th Ginger 62

    Woot! $15 for some sweet sex deep house beats! "DRESS CODE dress nice" hehe Who's with me? Mg
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    Matt Darey Cyber Niteclub

    Last night was the first time I actually went clubbing in Vancouver. Unfortunately I paid more for the night than I should have. Although his track selection was par and he pulled out some classics, the night as a whole was mediocre at best. I spent $40 on a dj that mixed worse than a blind...
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    Taking your bike on Air Canada

    Since I leave tomorrow afternoon, I have a question for the wonderful people of TRIBE. Has anyone ever taken their bike onto a flight? If yes, how did you pack it and anything specific I should worry about aside from the loading guys taking a beating to it? I'm also flying out of London and...