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    classic/acid house records

    a crate of classic acid house with some oddities here n there. most is VG condition technics1200technics1200 list: One True Woman- Yazz Todd Terry Presents Black Riot- Warlock Big Fun- Inner City Beat Dis- Bomb the Bass I Beg Your Pardon- Kon•Kan Anticipate- Mickey Oliver (Oliver & Cheese)...
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    2000 80s records

    Lot of about 2000 records. Mostly 80s dj singles. New Wave, 80s Disco, Electro, some funk and oddities. Years spanning late 70s to about 1990. I dont have the list so better come and see for yourself. Tribe Price: $888 PM of via kijiji 2000 80s Vinyl Records. | cds, dvds, blu-ray |...
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    Mr Kaizen - HAB_00F:Summer Scrolls Of Time-Lagged Forest Invader[Triphop,Breaks,Chillout] Vinyl Mix

    https://soundcloud.com/mrkaizen/mr-kaizen-hammock-audio-bulletin-00f-summer-scrolls-of-time-lagged-forest-invader 00F- Summer Scrolls of the Time-Lagged Forest Invader Upon coming back from unsuccessful forest expedition to eradicate a new thought form the soldier of the year 137258...
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    Hammock Audio Bulletin 00E: Binocular Visions Of Space Deer [Chillout, Lounge, Triphop] Vinyl Mix

    https://soundcloud.com/mrkaizen/hammock-audio-bulletin-00e-binocluar-visions-of-space-deer Tracklist: Perrey & Kingsley - Moon River The Baker Brothers - Breathing In Greg Foat Group - Girl and Robot with Flowers (Part V) Mike Boothman - Diego Shuffle ?-? ?-? Mogollar - Muzik...
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    Villalobos @ Coda

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    Mr Kaizen - Hammock Audio Bulletin 00D: Moai Tuxedo. - Lounge, Chillout, Ethno

    https://soundcloud.com/mrkaizen/hammock-audio-bulletin-00d Tuxedos for a gigantic stone statues are notoriously hard to obtain, therefore in this chapter we have been sourcing materials from a variety of tailors and suppliers in a quest for a "de facto" standard in moai tuxedos. Real glue...
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    Peanut Butter Wolf and JRocc @ CODA

    march 6 technics1200technics1200technics1200
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    Hammock Audio Bulletin 00C: Koala Vacation Memoir (Vinyl Mix)

    https://soundcloud.com/mrkaizen/hammock-audio-bulletin-00c In this hammock memoir Koala Roberto describes the harsh conditions of his early childhood travel through the outback, his adolescent battle of eucalyptus abuse and his path to becoming a Hawaiian shirt model. Page Index/Tracklist...
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    some records

    some winter cleaning: 40 + house and techno records for sale years range from 1983- 2011 LIST: Culture Beat-Take Me Away [Sony Music Entertanment] 1996 Plump Djs A Plump Night Out [Fingerlicking Records] 2000 Agh- Yummy 99 [Mafddap-010 Records]1999 Toi- Funk Productions >>Ladies &...
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    Mr Kaizen - Hammock Audio Bulletin 00B:Abstract Lawnchair Confabulation (Chillout,Triphop,Vinyl Mix)

    https://soundcloud.com/mrkaizen/hammock-audio-bulletin-00b Snoozy Chillout Noises and Dreamy Triphop thoughtscapes. Vinyl Mix Tracklist in form of catalog number. Can be found via discogs. 1. SSR 129 LP1 2. DEFP02EP2 3. SSR 129 LP3 4. ? 5. ZEN 36 6. ? 7. ? 8. AERA006...
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    FS: 65+ House/Techno Records

    technics1200 The List: technics1200 Cybersonik / States Of Mind – Technarchy [Plus 8] classic techno Various – From Our Minds To Yours Vol. 1 [Plus 8] classic techno Johnny Vicious - Activator [ Vicious Muzik] classic house Various – D.J.'s Don't Play - Mega Mixx Vol.1 [White]...
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    FS: Technics 1200 mk2 pair or separate

    One silver and one Black 1200 mk2 for sale. RCA's Replaced last year. $460 each. 900 pair. Delivery included within Toronto + Oshawa, Newmarket, Missisauga. Selling due to upgrade. Can do internal ground mods for $60 a piece or 100 for a pair. technics1200 Contact via PM or...
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    Ben Klock @ Footwork

    who is in ? :O:O been waiting a long time for him to come. Dec 1st i s the date
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    FS: 100+ House & Techno Records

    List : The Avalanches -Electricity EP (including Dj Harvey and Dr Rockit Remixes) Nacho Marco - Loudeast Stars EP [L-man 001] Armand Van Helden & The Horse - Ghetto House Groove\ Cevin Fisher & Jason Jinx - The way we used to Saucy- Pony Club Ep [Bamboo] Crenshaw - Every Single Day\Come...
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    JBL Mpro MP225 Speakers

    about 6 years old, most of it home use. I'm moving and there is no space for them anymore. Seriously nice sound on them regardless of official specs with deeper bass compared to anything in this range. Come and hear them for yourself! Will throw a crown xti 4000 amp for another 600. (amp...
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    Free PC Games

    a bunch of older titles, i really have no time or interest for any of them anymore. pickup only. Located at Yonge&Finch / North York Center area. Bioshock Call Of Duty Unreal Tournament 2003 Unreal Tournament 2004 Ghost Recon Desert Siege Chris Sawyers Locomotion Area-51
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    Free Cds

    Orbital - The Middle of Nowhere UNKLE – Psyence Fiction Mj Cole - Sincere Squarepusher - Maximum Priest E.P Fabric 45 - Omar-S Fabric 48 - Radio Slave Frankie Knuckles - New Reality + many more for about 40 cds total a bunch of big beat and trip hop in there with some D'N'B...
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    FS: 100+ Progressive/Tech House Records

    Mostly Older prog and tech house with some tribal bits in there. List: vibration inc - dr drum/metis/ hard vibe [ basic traxx] Koma & Bones Pres Y4K - blu mar ten / phender [Distinctive] Audio Bullys - Bang Bang [White] paranoid jack - back to kitsilano [disko 32] Infernal - Slave to the...
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    FS: 100 House Records

    Lot consists mostly of the Club House/ French House type of sound with some early Electro House and Disco House Bits. Lots of big tunes from the years past. Daft Punk - Technologic [ Virgin] Including Basement Jaxx remix YouTube - Daft Punk - Technologic Lcd Sounsystem - daft punk is...
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    FS: 80 Disco House Records

    List: Angel Alanis - Construct Fidelity vol 2 [ ITH] ? - Two Fatt Guitars [ white] CZR & ITO - Bringing the Funk & Feel the Presure [ Subliminal] 2X12" Thomas Bangalter - Spinal Scratch [Roule] Dj Sneak - Platforms vol 2 [83 West] Chris Harris - Harris Grooves 4 [ Tronicsole]...