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    Toronto FC vs San Jose - August 27

    Selling two tickets for Toronto FC vs San Jose Earthquakes this Saturday at 7 PM. Section 114 (supporters' section) Row 18 Seats 7-8 $70 for the pair, at cost. Tickets also give you free admission to the CNE.
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    Best Chocolate in Toronto?

    Another suggestion ... Stubbe Chocolates Toronto, Experience the Tradition
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    Time based electricity

    The government's target is for smart meters to be installed in all homes and business by the end of 2010. Of course, installed does not necessarily mean communicating in real-time, so that could be a while longer. As for the question about whether time-of-use prices are actually a rate...
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    Best words EVER!

    All of these highly intelligent and literate people, yet look at how many of the winning submissions incorporate bum humour. Talk about being a smart ass!
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    Friday Sex Thread: the Carlsberg years

    Like shooting fish in a barehole?
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    mammoth erection

    They were across from my old condo building one morning. It was great that I could tell everyone, "Today I woke up to a mammoth erection!"
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    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

    That is a great looking bbq! :p
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    F1 Racing

    I'm very excited to go back to Montreal for the race next year. It's good news for the city and for the sport in general amidst Bernie's hard-on for everything east of Hungary. I wonder if the estimated $89 million in economic benefits for Montreal takes into account the extra tips for...
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    Boxing Day 2009

    From the Retail Council of Canada: Ontario Most retailers are NOT allowed to open during the following Holidays; New Year's Day Family Day (Third Monday of February) Good Friday Easter Sunday Victoria Day Canada Day Labour Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day Exempt from the...
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    Fall of a Toronto mega club: Circa Bankrupt

    Yeah, places where Adam and his cronies are also trying to shutdown anything that remotely resembles fun.
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    Charles and Camilla visit cost us 2.57 million

    Really, THIS is the best argument? Does a country suddenly stop entertaining foreign dignitaries once it becomes a republic? We blew a few million dollars on President Obama's visit to Canada and he's not even on our money.
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    Words That can Fuck Right Off

    The words frickin' or friggin' always remind me of watching heavily edited episodes of The Sopranos on A&E.
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    Canadians fared far worse in recession, economist says

    GDP per capita is a very blunt instrument for measuring standard of living and I would caution against relying on it solely to make statements about how well, or how poorly, Canadians are doing.
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    Patient trapped in a 23-year 'coma' was conscious all along

    I would never trust a coma scale developed in Glasgow.
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    Dining recommendations in Little Italy

    Vecchio Frak is a favourite of mine and the food is the closest I've found to "how mamma used to make" in the area. My other votes would go to Vivoli and Calisto.
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    Panettone - Il Ultimo Wop Christmas Cake

    When you bring up the mafia with Italians, they will first act offended at the stereotypical association, but will also point out they "know a guy."
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    "All you can eat" Sushi - Downtown

    Too bad nothing rhymes with falafel.
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    Panettone - Il Ultimo Wop Christmas Cake

    This thread is both racist and grammatically incorrect. Anyhow, panettone comes in enough variety of flavours and fillings that it should appeal to even the cakiest of cakers. I'm surprised nobody has suggested putting ketchup on it. *shudder*