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    Nfl 2011/12

    Carson Palmer traded to the Raiders!
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    Blue Jays 2011

    Henderson Alvarez reminds me of a young Julian Tavarez. Pretty much the same windup, same movement on his fastball and similar heat, except Julian's got a crater face.
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    The final season of BREAKING BAD

    What a way to start off S4! Good rewind intro and Gus in his most sinister form yet. As usual, always leaving you wanting more!
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    The Ps3 User Thread...

    Oh, does anybody find the UGC missions lame??
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    The Ps3 User Thread...

    Played the first Infamous thanks to the welcome back program and I was hooked!!! So hooked that I got Infamous 2 just days after it came out. I've since finished both Infamous' as good Cole. Just started a 2nd playthrough for Infamous 2 as evil Cole. It seems that my morale meter is...
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    Blue Jays 2011

    Heard that had he not retired, he would have been suspended 100 games.
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    Nfl 2010/2011.

    It shouldn't matter. Drew Stanton has much better accuracy than Stafford and should be #1 in the depth chart. Kuba, if anything, should lean more towards the Lions now.
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    [2010-2011] NBA/Raptors Thread

    So Turkoglu wants to go back to Sacramento. The first name coming back is Nocioni. Anyway we can package a deal for Landry? Or are we good at PF with Bargs?
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    Nfl 2010/2011.

    After listening to yesterday's PTI, the NFL is thinking of changing the OT rules for playoffs effective this upcoming season. If they pass the rule change, a TD ends the game right away. After a field goal, the other team has a chance to either tie (FG) or win with a TD. The rule change is...
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    Blue Jays/MLB thread 2009

    Do you guys think Chris Carpenter qualifies for comeback player of the year?
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    Help With Finding a Sushi Place Please!

    Sushi Marche is hands down the best sushi take out! Kamikaze roll is a must and their nigiri is amazing. I always get the sushi dinner.
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    2009 MLB season

    ^Hasn't it been stated that the NL is the better league out of the two? I don't know if it's specific to pitching too which is hard to assess due to the no DH rule. I think Peavy would benefit from a change of scenery even though he'd be leaving a pitcher friendly park like Petco. I think AL...
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    NBA Playoffs 09

    ...and his face!!! Amazing player otherwise.
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    rickyryan @ bringthebeats PROMO MIXES [ 1 / 2 / 3 ]

    Grabbing now, thanks!
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    Foreign Film Movie Thread

    Oh yeah, there's also Tokyo Gore Police. Never have I seen a movie sooooo ridiculous as this one. The gore is so over the top, cheezy at times. I enjoyed it.
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    Foreign Film Movie Thread

    Ip Man starring Donnie Yen. Story's ok, but the kung-fu is as good as any other.
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    I want my McNuggets!

    Screw McDonald's! Burger bundles are back at BK... in shot form.
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    Blue Jays/MLB thread 2009

    Jr. back in Seattle.
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    Why Don't We Co-Operate?

    ^Dying! Last 15 seconds are the best!!!