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    Windows Phone 7 Series: Everything is Different Now

    Interesting article on the new Windows Phone 7 Series. Considering this is coming from a huge iPhone fanboy site (gizmodo), it seems like this might be a real competitor to iPhone / Android when it comes out later this year. Windows Phone 7 Series: Everything Is Different Now - Windows phone 7...
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    FS: XBOX36 Wireless G Adapter

    I moved my router to be closer to my xbox, and gone to a wire as a result. Adapter is in great shape, as it's not moved in the year or so I've had it. $100 in stores, yours for $50.
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    FS: 48" CRT Rear Projection HDTV - needs repair

    I'm selling my 48" JVC CRT rear projection HDTV (1080i/720P). I bought it in 2003, but recently the picture became misaligned. I looked into repair and got a quote of max $300 (worst case scenario the alignment chip needs to be replaced). The tv is about 2 feet deep, so factor that in your...
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    help! spilled liquid on laptop keyboard, where can i get it fixed?

    genius i am, i spilled a drink on my gf's laptop keyboard. everything seems to work fine, but the "/" key presses itself relentlessly. where can i get this fixed? any estimates on how much it will cost?
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    Getting work email on an iphone when your company doesn't support it

    I just got an iphone, and my office will not support it (they will only support blackberrys). We have an exchange server, and OWA (outlook web access), but no OMA (outlook mobile access). I've been trying to get my work email on my iphone, but it's been frustrating, so i'm curious if anyone else...
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    this saturday at wrongbar, anyone else going?
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    Where to get unfinished wood furniture?

    I am trying to find out where I can get unfinished wood furniture, specifically drawers for my bedroom, as nothing seems to quite match with my bed. that way i can finish it so that it matches my bed. anyone know where i can get this? ikea used to do it, but they don't seem to anymore (at...
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    kid sister @ wrongbar, jan 11

    anyone else?
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    john mcclane vs. jack bauer

    who would win? on one hand, we have jack bauer, super spy who is a trained killing machine, and who also happens to be ruthless. survivor of chinese and south american torcher. on the other, we have john mcclane, the guy in the wrong place at the right time. not many skills, but takes many...
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    i love chris crocker.

    this guy can't be real. but if he is, he's amazing. he also did this before the thread nazis get all up in my grill, he's bigger than the youtube thread. he wears eyeliner. and has an adam's apple.
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    Mid-market database apps?

    I'm using MS Access to do some data analysis, but it's a POS that's so slow that I want to hurl my laptop out the window. I'm just running some simple queries on a table that's approx 2000000 rows, but it's resulting in my laptop slowing to a crawl. Are there any (free/cheap) alternatives...
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    Princess Superstar -- Nu-rave/whateveryouwanttocallit

    i didn't make this mix, but you should listen to it. http://www.princesssuperstar.com/multimedia/princess_superstar_0407_mix.mp3 Justice - BEAT TEPR - Minuet Jacuzzi (Data Remix) Busta Rhymes - Touch it (Diplo Remix) Larry Tee & Princess Superstar - Licky (Herve Remix) Roxy Music - Editions...
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    can we have a nu-rave forum?

    or take over one of the other not so used ones? there just isn't any place where threads about that flash-in-the-pan music will be noticed, and i think there's enough interest to warrant it.
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    Why I love Americuh

    Posted around my client's office today:
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    Kife clear your box

    it's stuffed full of hippies and patchouli.
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    has the 360 been hacked to play divx/xvid/etc yet?

    the original xbox was hacked pretty early on to do this, but i can't seem to find any info on whether it's been done for the 360. you can watch video files straight out of the box with the 360, but only if they are wmv, balls. has it been done yet?
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    I want to be a go-go dancer...

    ...for Manzone & Strong. How do I go about achieving this goal? Please help!!
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    anyone have tina/kix's contact info?

    TINA, come get your massage therapy patient! if anyone has her phone #, please pm it to me.
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    2006 Tribe Awards

    Best Useful Thread: Home Beautification tied with Men's Fashion Blog Funniest Thread: Going to the moon, brb Best N00b: Best Fight: Funniest Triber: Flashy McFlash I think we should have a gala, hook it up alex!
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    handypeople: how to stop ductwork from clicking

    alright handy men and women, here's the deal: i have exposed ductwork and whenever the heat comes on, the vents at the end of the ductwork start making clicking sounds. i'm a light sleeper, so these sounds tend to wake me up rather easily. i realize that the clicking is due to expansion in the...