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    Fitness question: Kettlebells - where to buy?

    I want to buy a 36lb kettlebell. Any places in the GTA sell them? Online maybe? Sportchek didn't have them.
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    How do I view hidden files on a flash card?

    I bought some audio lessons on a flash card. The only visible file on the card is the 'media player', which is 700 kb big, and the capacity of the card is 59 MB from what I see in Computer Management, and it's full. There are no hidden partitions. How do I view the media files? I want to...
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    FS: house/techno/(some)breaks records

    300 records for $200 OBO Want to sell as a lot I don't want to list them, but... 2001-2004 house/tech-house/techno/a little breaks, harder and funkier flavored Labels include Bush, Primate, Player Artists include Mistress Barbara, Joey Beltram, Dave Clarke, Jelo I live...
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    Anthony Attalla :: put your hands up...for Cleveland!!!

    I first stumbled upon him in the spring at his residency in Cleveland. I saw him at Beba and stumbled out. He played more of a punchy hard house sound, I was expecting more of the down and dirty electro basslines from the first time I saw him and from the demo cd I picked up down there. Still...
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    g2p.org - Who's the RIAA gonna sue for this one?

    Use google to find Mp3s, works ok. Comments? http://g2p.org/ While many people are rightly watching MySpace's plan to to sell music from unsigned artists directly to consumers, they may be overlooking another challenge to the major labels: G2P What? Never heard of G2P? You will...
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    So I want to learn Chinese 中文

    My company reimburses for accredited university/college courses. I want to take one. Written and verbal. Any recommendations? I've been using Pimsleur, it's ok. My accent makes them laugh over there.
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    Advice needed :: Selling records in this forum

    I have 300 records, 2002-2004 ish that I want to sell. How much can I expect to sell them for if I sell as a lot? Is it worth it to list them individually (lots of typing), and sell as singles? If I sell individually, how much can I expect to sell for? I want to get rid of them, and...
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    Recommend a web camera

    Suggestions needed. Are there features/specs I need to watch for? Brands not to bother with?
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    Best and most secure way to send money to Asia?

    Namely China. Anyone have experience with this? I tried doing a search for threads but it won't work for some reason. thx 4 your help and no I'm not buying a mail order bride :)
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    How much does a business website cost?

    I'm looking at pricing a basic website for an import business. pages needed - front company page with links to - contact - about - products (this would be the largest amount of work as it would list products and needed updating) - no commerce / buying would be done through the site...
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    Shasta Elliott presents diskoslut [2004 House]

    If you don't like to shake, click your back button now! If you don't like to jack your body, close your browser now! If you don't like to stomp, jump, and move...turn your computer off now! ;) I originally made this mix cd only for a demo for a promoter putting together a Sunday night...
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    Can't access my webmail - what is this error?

    "ERROR: ERROR : Connection dropped by imap-server." wts is that?
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    Legalize Methamphetamine!

    saw this essay, thought I'd share http://www.strike-the-root.com/61/victor/victor1.html "Many drug dealers understand that each large drug bust brings increased profits for them. Although a drug seizure is bad news for the particular drug dealer involved, it is wonderful news for all...
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    Recommend me a quad band phone

    Need one. Going to China and England on my own this year. I'm sort of trying to get a Razr off ebay but keep getting outbid....alternative suggestions?
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    Bell /// Dryloop DSL fyi

    fyi I have been trying to get dryloop dsl from a third party provider for-friggin'-ever. I would bitch, they would get Bell to send a tech, he would show up - tell my landlord he was going to the distribution box, and then never come back. I couldn't get ANY info. Then, finally, I...
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    Can you use multiple MSN msgr accounts at the same time?

    This is being used by me more and more at work. I'd like to be able to login at home and not have people at work bother me, and I'm pretty sure there used to be a way to use more than one login at once. I remember club owner who had more than 150 contacts so he had to. Can you use two...
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    Demarcation point (so much fun!)

    My landlord has DSL Basic Lite through Bell. I just recently signed up for High Speed DSL with a 3rd party, but obviously they are renting the line through Bell. Stop me when I'm wrong please.... There is a dual line coming into the house, the demarcation point is in the furnace room...
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    Things to do in Denver when you're not dead

    I'm looking for suggestions for places to go on Thursdays. any help or web page boards to look at would be appreciated thx
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    When do hawt girls go to the gym?

    I went this morning for the first time. It sucked. Nothing to look at. It helps me do more reps when there's eye candy. Like listening to good music.
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    How do I get admin rights to a Mac running Sys 10?

    Sister's bf left his job but kept the laptop. He can't install new printer software because he hasn't got admin rights. How do you get those? Isn't there a file stored somewhere w/ the pw? pls hlp thx