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    Happy Birthday KYFE!

    Happy birthday, buddy. Looking forward to next month for your big day! Jason
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    List of Movies you know all the lines to... or almost

    For me, there's always that special movie that you watched the crap out of and have no choice but to know all the lines as you watch it over and over again. - Anchorman - Zoolander - Juice - Blood in, Blood out : Bound by Honor (Including Spanish) - Superman II & III - Back to the...
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    Monsieur Thumpeur

    Je ponse Thumpeur peut emptier le boite prive message programe.
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    DVP closed during rush hour?

    Flood warning issued 75 mm of rain possible Nov. 16, 2006. 01:36 PM CURTIS RUSH STAFF REPORTER After more than 12 hours of rain, city officials are monitoring the levels of the Don River and may have to shut the Don Valley Parkway and parts of the Bayview Extension for the afternoon...
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    NHL Centre Ice - Free Preview Oct. 4-10

    NHL season kicks off starting tomorrow and all Rogers Digital customers will receive all out of town games during Oct 4-10. Channels will be in the range of 453-463. HD games are only available to Super Sports Pack/NHL Centre Ice subscribers.
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    Wireless Headphone Recommendations Please!

    I need some recommendations... For home use, sitting in front of the TV, listening to TV. I don't need a broad range, just within the room. Obviously something with no-static. I am running wireless internet, with cordless phone in the same room. Looking to spend around $100 Thanks!
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    Kyfe, Happy Birthday!!!

    Hope you have a good one! We'll do it up this weekend, maybe I'll have to drive for a change, huh? Happy Birthday, buddy!
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    HBO's Lucky Louie

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    Question about MEAT inside!

    Is there a real difference between AAA Beef and Angus? Taste wise? Is one more tender than the other? Or is it really a matter of personal preference?
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    I need some complicated help!!!

    I posted this in Nobody Cares with some very Nobody Cares results. I'm not one to start a thread for something so stupid, but I need to get this done. I just need to know how to get the damn things open! Thanks!
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    Help! Espresso makers...

    Can anybody recommend a quality espresso maker in the $100-$200 range? I'd prefer to do it up from home rather than spending money on my daily Starbucks habit (which is disgusting, btw) I've been looking at the Delonghi name brand, specifically this one Is Delonghi a good name brand...
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    Game Inside!

    here 21.73 secs
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    Dave Chappelle Theory

    http://www.chappelletheory.com/ Very interesting read on the fall of a brilliant show.
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    Maniac on IFC tonite @ 11:40pm

    One of the sickest horror movies ever!
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    Burner Help

    I'm using a DVD Burner, simply making copies via CD media. I'm using Nero Express. It creates the image successfully, then indicates activation of Buffer Prevention Underrun... I remove my original, pop in my blank and I get the following... - Invalid Field in Parameter - Could not...
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    Help - Wireless Internet

    I have a wireless internet connection that I'd like to remain active, even when I'm away from my laptop for a long stretch of time. After an indetermined amount of time, my internet connection goes and interrupts any downloads that I have going. When I come back, my laptop does indicate...
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    NHL Centre Ice Free Preview till Oct 12

    All you Rogers Digital Cable subscribers can take advantage off all out of town games on this preview till Oct 12th. Channels 453-463. Enjoy!
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    Congratulations Kyfe!!!

    Over his 2 week Euro Vacation, Shawn got engaged to his lovely girlfriend, Dorota in France!!! Congrats!
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    Happy Birthday Kyfe!

    Happy birthday, buddy! Hope you have a good one and a happy Eurotrip! Here's some salad for you...
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    Official Rawlings Baseballs

    Anybody know which stores carries these? National Sports? And how much would one expect to pay per?