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    Melodyne ARA

    So good, and in my DAW of choice. :) F3J8SFhoe10
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    What DAW do you use?

    I recently stumbled upon Studio One by PreSonus. I don't know why I didn't know about it before, but I'm loving it. I've been messing about with Cubase for 15 years now, but once I tried the demo of this DAW I was converted. So easy to use and has all the features that I always wished Cubase...
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    The future is here

    DAW in your web browser: Soundation Studio Wow this is crazy. I know the software is only in its infancy, but imagine the possibilities for this in the future. Working on a project from anywhere in the world. And what potential for collaboration. Amazing idea.
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    Applied Minimalism

    This is brilliant. It is a mix of tracks that only use 1 sample--the kickdrum on the 808. 13617755 http://www.iambop.com/bop-news/applied-minimalism/
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    Douchebags at Apple

    German court bans sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1, says Apple ? The Register
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    Is it worth timing the housing market?

    I want to buy a house right now, but I have a feeling that the housing market is topping and I'm going into this pretty well knowing that I will lose money on it in the near future. I will only keep the place for about 5 years. Does it ever really matter if your lose or win money on a house...
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    LCR panning

    This is interesting. I've never heard of this concept before. I'm sure most of you have, but for those that haven't: 5 Minutes To A Better Mix: LCR Panning – Part 4 of 31 | The Recording Revolution
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    Volume control for active monitors

    I have always had passive monitors and I controlled their volume with the amp's volume knob. I'm looking to get active monitors and run them straight from my sound card. What options do I have for having a convenient hardware volume control knob? I would hate to bring up the volume control...
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    Sharpening knives

    What's the best way to sharpen a knife? Should I buy a gadget, take it to a shop, get a whetstone?
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    How to get to China

    Go to google maps then get directions search for Toronto to China Look at #48
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    Pitch correction for 45rpm records recorded at 33rpm

    I downloaded a cool track that was recorded at 33rpm but was pressed at 45rpm. The wave file was deliberately recorded like this to give the song a cool effect. I would like to know how much pitch correction I need on the file to make it sound as if it was played at 45rpm (i.e. the original...
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    Shared HD for PC and Mac

    I have router to which I want to attach a network HD so that I can us it for back up. I have a variety of PCs and a Mac on my LAN. If it is NTFS will the Mac be able to back up on it? I can't go FAT32 as I have some big files to back up. Or do I need to install something on the Mac for it to...
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    Headphone care

    I have a pair of AKG headphones that I've had now for 5 or 6 years. The padding around the earpieces is starting to crack and flake. It seems that it needs some conditioning/moisturizing. What can I do to prevent the cracking? Is there a product or can I replace the padding?
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    Leaving internet provider / address forwarding

    I've been using an email account that I've been using for about 15 years and I have all my various accounts connected to it. Initially it was Sympatico DSL from Bell. When my parents moved to rural Ontario a number of years ago they got dial-up internet from Sympatico. I have since moved out of...
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    Data visualisation software

    Hello fellow geeks. I looking for software that allows for visual representation of data other than charts and graphs one can make in a spreadsheet program. I have iMindMap, but it only does concept branches, which is fairly limited. I love this visualization: Anyone know how I can...
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    There is research on it...

    It is interesting that these days research use enters every day conversations. How many times have we argued with a friend, he or you trump each others opinions with "research proves...[that my argument is correct]"? There's been countless thread on here where a healthly argument breaks out, and...
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    Excel gurus: Macros

    Any one here good at using Excel? I am trying to insert live quotes into my stock trading log, so that I don't have to tediously update it every day. I came across this website but I can't get the macro to work. Can anyone get this working? If yes, is there something wrong with the code that...
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    Devolve yourself

    In honour of Charles Darwin's 200th birthday today, here is fun little tool to see what you would have looked like had you been born a proto-human. Devolve me
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    Quotes from student papers

    Some interesting quotes from student papers that I've marked: Papers on vivisection: • “Human life is worth more, and there is nothing you can do about it.” • “It has allow me to understand the how necessary animal interests for the animal based cancer research really was.” • “I don’t...