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    The sun will come out, tomorrow

    Bet your bottom dollar that Dr. Trance will be performing as Daddy Warbucks in a Brampton theatre's rendition of "Annie". BramptonGuardian Article: Annie is sunshine
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    Iceland. This weekend.

    If you had just 48h to spend in Iceland, what would you do? (looking for advice from anyone that's been there, on the MUST sees and dos). Thanks!
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    Fall of a Toronto mega club: Circa Bankrupt

    Rumours have been swirling for weeks that one of Toronto's mega-clubs will be imminently filing for bankruptcy protection. The club, located around the corner from the Scotiabank Theatre and down the street from a Milestones, opened in October 2007 and was initially thought to be the best thing...
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    Online shop setup

    Hi Tribe techies, Googling for this kind of stuff is a pain. So much crap out there. Here's what I'm seeking help with.... I already have a third-party online merchant account, and inventory management linked to a "shopping cart" and "check out", with credit card processing all integrated...
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    IP or Subnet blocking - help!

    I've got a troll abusing me and my site in an open commenting system. We'd prefer to leave it an open system. The troll seems to have a new IP every 30mins or so, so banning based on a static IP is out. Is there a way to block by subnet, that has minimal likelihood of blocking non-trolls?
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    KITT stolen from outside Union Station?

    I really hope this actually happened, and it isn't some kind of bullshit publicity stunt.
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    Stopping Google from indexing PDFs on a site

    Hey Tribe, Is there a way to stop search engines from indexing and showing results for PDFs within a web page?
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    Take Me Back (web series)

    A guy from Toronto and a guy from Montreal created this great web series... 4 episodes to catch up on, and subsequent episodes go live on Mondays. Take Me Back
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    Awareness Test

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    On a bit of an impulse, I just booked a flight and will be spending Dec 30th - Jan 17th in Chile and Argentina (wine country, Buenas Aires mostly). Who wants to come with? I'm ok with doing it solo (been meaning to do a trip of that sort for a long time), but would be open to meeting up with...
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    Toronto, meet Mexico (and Africa, and California, and...)

    Thought I'd share these super neat photo mashups by a fellow Robert Stirrett in Toronto. He actually cuts and pastes printed photos to make these wild images.
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    The best vending machine on Earth

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    web hosting: maximum allowable connections

    I'm looking to learn about hosting options for sites that get decent traffic (500,000 pageviews monthly, but sometimes spikes that see about 100,000 pageviews in a day). Only recently am I seeing this error come up, and it seems to be an issue with exceeding allowable connections. Error...
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    Naked Mississauga Housewives - on Flickr

    Thought you guys might enjoy this investigative piece on some local kinky action going on on Flickr (SFW). Do you think the Mississauga Wives know about/approve of their nude homebrew porn being posted there? How many of the photos do you think really are naked Mississauga housewives, and how...
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    NPR interview with... Cookie Monster!

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    Mouse Party

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    NFL games in Toronto (lots)

    Breaking news: According to 680news, Toronto will host 3 presason and 5 regular season NFL games next year.
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    Hwy 400 AND 404 pileups

    Stay off the north/southbound highways north of the city. At least one 50+ car pileup, and plenty of smaller ones too. http://www.citynews.ca/news/news_18751.aspx
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    CD Cover Meme

    Via neatorama: Always wanted to be in a rock band? Well, here's your chance...sort of. Make your own CD Cover with the following steps and rocket yourself to mulit-platinum status and start fending off the groupies. 1. First, get the name of your band: this will be the first article title on...
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    Get to the 16th floor: http://www.nekogames.jp/mt/2008/01/cursor10.html Maddening at first but fun as heck. Took me three tries before I succeeded :)