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    Can anyone recommend an acupuncturist in chinatown?

    My common law has epilepsy. We have been talking for sometime about him getting acupuncture. I specifically want to find the right one in china town. I want the real deal. I have a few in mind that I have looked up. Does anyone have recommendations for me? Thanks in advance.:)
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    Where did you buy your wedding dress?

    Ok ladies, I need your help! My cousin is getting married in *2* months. She has not got her wedding dress yet. She's nuts, I know! She is not a frilly girl at all. She rides race horses for a living and also works for her brother's landscaping company. This wedding is basically being...
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    Anybody else have problem cancelling Premier Fitness membership??

    I cancelled Jan 19. I understand you get billed for another 30 days. It is March 12 and money is still coming off visa every 2 weeks. I have already called head office..they assured me that it wouldn't happen again, but it has. I have been calling/emailing premier fitness head office...
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    Roc Raida died..

    Crazy.. http://medicaladvisorjournal.blogspot.com/2009/09/roc-raida-died-roc-raida-dead-roc-raida.html http://rap.about.com/b/2009/09/19/rest-in-peace-roc-raida.htm :(
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    How do I get a little pic for my web address bar??--ie-the pink lips for Tribe

    Alex and smart Tribe people, how do I do this??? I want some sort of small logo/pic when people type in my website. Help please!! :)
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    HELP PLEASE! How do I redirect my old website address to my new one??

    I have done google searches to do this. Couldn't find basic enough terms for me. Can some pleeease explain how to do this????:)
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    Help!!-How do you put a signature on a photo??

    I want to post some pics here and my website...however, I want my business name on them. I don't want anyone stealing them and using them as their own. How do ya do that???? :)
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    Has anyone bought any exercise equipment from Boomerang??

    I want to buy an exercise bike for my room. That way I can watch tv and do cardio. It's hard to get to the gym working the night shift 4 nights a week right now. It's about a 45 minute drive for me. Just wondering if anyone has got good deals on used equipment there..?? :)
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    *Happy Sunday TRIBE!*

    Good morning Tribe! **yawn!* I work the night shift all the time. That is soooooo much easier to me, than getting up so damn early. I worked the night shift friday night..Today, I work all morning at my little triplets, triple Bris(snip snip)..and work night shift tonight. I need a nap this...
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    How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

    I looove sleep! When I am not working nights, I function best on 10/11 hours of sleep a night. Something like, 11pm-9:30am is pretty nice! I'm self-employed, so I don't usually have to be anywhere first thing in the morning. Having said that, I can work til 7am..come home home and only...
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    Alright who's cancelling work friday?

    I want to know! It's gonna be a snow storm. Who has to make it in no matter what? I guess those who take public transit have no excuse. I live in Newmarket. And work in Toronto. I could use the money, I am self employed. No work, no pay. So I am out 200 bucks.bah.
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    How do you cook artichoke???

    I have never bought or cooked it..but would like to if I knew what do do with it. I have only bought the kind in jars. What the heck do you do with it? Steam it, boil it? Then what? What do you eat it with? Help please!
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    Animal Witness is on tonight(Michael Vick case)..

    It's on tonight on Animal Planet at 10pm, if anyone wants to know. The preview is making me cringe. But I want to see it. http://animal.discovery.com/tv/animal-witness/index.html
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    Happy long weekend Sunday!!!

    I am off to work shortly. I am going to a cottage for the day with the triplet family I am working with. So, I am getting paid quite nicely to feed babies all day at some high end cottage..not bad! I love days like this.:) My coffee tastes rather shit this morning for some reason...
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    Shopping in Buffalo

    My pregnant friend and I are going shopping in Buffalo in 2 weeks. But we have NO idea where we are going. What places are great to check out? How long does it take to get there? Where the hell am I going? HELP! The only store I know for sure we need to find is Carter's. Any...
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    FS--PINK Razr Motorolla phone from Telus

    It is about 6 months old. I just bought a BlackBerry, so I no longer need it. It's a great phone...and looks cute too! I am selling it for $70.:) There are a few little scratches from being clutzy and dropping it a few times. But NOT obvious scratches. I am in Toronto a handful of...
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    Buying a new mattress/boxspring...

    I want to buy a king size mattress, boxspring and frame. I was thinking of buying it from Sleep Country. Are there better/cheaper places to buy it???? Any help is appreciated!! :)
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    *Happy Saturday!*

    I couldn't sleep in cause I am sooo excited to pick up my band new Toyota in 2 hours. Yahoos!!:) Later I plan to take the pooch to my Aunt's for a nice hike on her property out in the country. After that it's movie night at my bf's. What's everyone up to??
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    KYFE!..box is full.=>

    I'll just paste my pm cause I am off to worky! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey there! I have managed to find similar cars and their pricing. But I am having a hard time finding the book value. Can you send me a link to look it up? Or I...
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    I once had a car and now I don't..=<

    First my cat dies Saturday morning. Then my bf and I go to his parents house for his birthday to play poker and hang out there til about 1am. On our way back..some stupid little 19 year od fuck in daddy's bmw, blew a stop sign. I hit the drivers side hard. Tons of fire trucks, cops and...