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    My roommate is missing

    My friend and roommate, Colin Lee has not been home for two days. We last saw him Monday morning. We have not been able to reach him, and are very concerned about him. If you have seen or spoken with Colin within the last two days, please contact me ASAP. He frequents the party scene, so I...
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    shabu shabu

    it occurred to me that i have no idea where to find shabu shabu in this city, but i would love to try it! i've heard that Nami does it, but i think that's a little outta my price range at the moment. plus, i checked out their menu online and it mentions nothing of shabu shabu. can anybody...
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    Your new album cover

    1 - Go to "wikipedia." Hit “random” or click http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band. 2 - Go to "Random quotations" or click http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3 The last four or five words of the very last quote...
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    pre-recorded phone message about your car warranty

    twice i've gotten a phone call with a pre-recorded message about renewing your car warranty. "press 1 to connect to an operator to renew your car warranty" or something of that nature. it's from an 818 area code. it turns out that almost everyone in my office has also received this message...
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    Justisse - Fertility Awareness Method

    I just completed a two-hour workshop with my boyfriend at the Red Tent Sisters (on the Danforth) on Justisse, a fertility awareness method. Essentially it's like the rhythm method, but you also monitor your temperature everyday as well as the mucus in your vagina and then chart your findings...
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    LF job: restaurant/bar, manual labour

    Posting on behalf of a friend of mine... He's looking for a part-time job in the restaurant/bar or catering business or for odd jobs/manual labour. Must be paid cash in hand!! He's available any day except for Tuesdays and Fridays. Has his SmartServe for serving-related jobs. PM me if you...
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    Garaaaaage Saaaaale!!

    Lots of variety, lots of cool stuff new and old SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 20TH 9:00 AM TO 4:00 PM at 214 MONTROSE AVENUE (steps north of College, about 3 blocks east of Ossington INCLUDES: - kitchen stuff (juicer, mugs, wine glasses, cooking utensils, coffee press, etc) - office chair -...
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    FS: Comfy couch, almost new!

    i have a really comfy couch for sale for $200 OBO. it's only a year old and the only reason i'm giving it away is that it wouldn't fit up the extremely narrow stairs to my new place! you can sit, lounge and even sleep on this comfy couch. originally purchased for $500 + tax, this couch is...
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    FS: Couch! Super comfy, almost new

    i have a really comfy couch for sale for $250 OBO.you're responsible for transporting it. it's only a year old and the only reason i'm giving it away is that it wouldn't fit up the extremely narrow stairs to my new place! you can sit, lounge and even sleep on this comfy couch. originally...
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    converting a .wmv file to another filetype

    Halp! Halp! I need to convert a .wmv 9 file to either a .wmv 8 file or an avi or mpeg1 file. How do I do this? I tried opening the file in Windows Media Player but it doesn't let me access any options to change file types. I'm guessing I need a program to do this but i'd love some advice...
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    Tenants Rights - plumbing issues

    I've tried using google and looking on the Residential Tenancies Act website, but I can't find any specific details on a tenants rights regarding plumbing. Can anybody help? We moved into a place at the beginning of the month and quickly discovered that our unit and the unit below us (we live...
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    Jamie Liddell at the Opera House

    Even when the summer's concerts are over I know I'll be able to say that this ranked in the top three performances I saw this year. Absolutely killer energy, killer musicianship, and killer performance. Jamie took us through a selection of his best music from his first and second albums with...
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    the books on your shelf

    i love looking through peoples' bookshelves because i think you can tell a lot about the person from the kind of books they display. it almost feels as personal as looking at someone's underwear drawer, but without the creep factor. so what's on your bookshelf? do you think it paints an...
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    Erykah Badu at Massey Hall

    we got our tickets on Saturday. best seats we could get were at the back of the first balcony. boourns. but i can't WAIT to see her. (it's my first time.) i bought her new album, amerykah, and it's pretty dope. my fave, of course, is still Mamma's Gun. genius album. who else is comin?!
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    french films

    I'm trying to track down a few french films, but neither Queen Video (college location) nor Marquee Video (down the street on college) have them. The films are called: Mon meilleur ami http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0778784/ La Belle Verte http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0115650/ Anyone know where I...
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    i wish i knew then what i know now

    if you could go back in time and give your younger self advice, what would it be?
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    It's Sunday...

    ...and i'm sick with a bad cold. i predict that my day will be full of snot and television. what about yours?
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    amagads! why isn't it 5pm yet?!

    how come this 3-day work-week feels like it's lasted a freakin' month?! anybody else counting down the minutes until 5pm?
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    Happy Birthday L'il Timmy!!

    Woah boy, what a year! I'm not gonna lie to ya kid, this year has been rough. From lost jobs to losing one who's closest to you, it's been rough all 'round. But you're still here. And you're stronger (i mean that literally!), you've got a great job (kicking ass, taking names!), a great...
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    Do Right! Holiday Party

    Do Right! is my fave Canadian label, and Nostalgia 77 is fucking KILLER so there is NO WAY, even with the jam-packed weekend I have ahead, that i am missing THIS. The only thing is that John Kong seriously needs to work on getting a new main venue. Supermarket sucks BALLS.