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    The Emcee Thread (mainly for haters)

    Ok, so after listening to a shit load of somewhat current (past year till present) live mixes from UK's finest, Ive noticed that the MC is starting to fade out. Not that we havent discussed this before, it's been put to death several times but do you think the original emcee "yadda yadda boh...
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    Any Lofters on Tribe? (loft aka condo)

    What building do you live in? Are you happy with it? Own or rent? Im looking to get into a loft, give me some pros/cons if any and some websites/information to look at if you know of any available lofts. Thanks. Jonny
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    2 Raptors vs. Knicks - Cent. Court - Jan 19

    Raptors vs. Knicks Wednesday January 19th. 7pm ACC 2 centrecourt tickets row 20 section 119 Face Value: $180 Each (b4 ticketbastard charges) Wont sell seperately. I might lower the price if I like you :p PM or email dj at funknstyle.ca Jonny
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    Concord Dawn - I'll Be There 4 U In The Morning Light

    Anybody heard this? GARBAGE! I'm a big fan of both tunes, but the mashup is horrible IMO. Boring, lame and the flow of the tune reminds me of a train wreck.
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    Bad Roads??

    Ive seen three bad-ass accidents on the 401 tonight. The passing lane has patches of ice/black ice and snow that wasnt cleared away properly. I saw the car infront on me drift just over the line, hit the snow and spin out. Just a heads up.
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    Northern Touch Bootleg from a few years back

    Does anybody have the Northern Touch bootleg from oh...... say 4-5 years ago? Mp3, vinyl, anything? thanks
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    Feel your getting old and the need to marry?

    Family trends include fewer legal marriages CTV.ca News Staff Forget about the white dress, flowers and the stress of a guest list -- more couples are choosing to live common-law instead of getting married, according to a new Canadian survey. In fact, common-law couples are the fastest...
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    Do PeOpLe STiLL TyPE LiKe ThIs ??

    I hated it then.... i hate it now. I just saw somebodys names on MSN that had it. I thought it passed along with phat pants. Do the young raver boys and girls still type like this?
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    Man's attraction to the "bad girl" (riddled with hopes for change?)

    A guy I work with has been on and off with this chick for about 3 years now. At first it was purely booty and no strings attached with no problems, no hassles. She was a "bad girl". Parties, drugs, booze, fucks anything like theres no tomorrow. Hits on married men, sleeps with married men...
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    J Majik - "Tell Me" - Didnt this tune come out as a single?

    Ive only been able to find it on "23 degress from vertical" and the Infrastructure" album Didnt it get its rounds as a single?
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    Dj Fresh - The Red MIx

    Just came across this now. Great mix and great audio rather than shitty half- ass live recordings. Anybody else feeling this?
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    Track ID?? Dj Zinc - Global Gathering July 2004

    DJ Zinc @ Global Gathering, 31 July 2004 on DnB Arena, studio mixes. About 11 minutes in just after the Super Sharp Shooter mix. I think High Contrast may have dropped this at System a few months back, not sure. Very Melodic, easy, rollin' bassline. Please and thanks. Jonny
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    Technology Disrupts Evolution

    In a study be ME I've come to the conclusion that the advancements of technology over the last ten, maybe even twenty years have thrown a huge wrench into evolution while at the same time doing many positive things. Have you noticed the world is filled with alot more stupid people? You know...
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    CD reccomendations:

    CD reccomendations: Why? Because Ive realized virtually all my old Lifeforce tapes are chewed or the sounds wobbles (fades in and out) I've got some of the typical shit off the net but thats just not cuting it anymore. It doesnt matter if they're old, new, locals, headliners, live sets or...
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    Exorcist - The Beginning

    Sorry if its already been posted but there's a new chapter in the Exorcist series. It's called "the beginning". Its the story leading up to the first film. Sadly it wasnt written back when the first one was so it's bound to be filled with cheese and computer generated garbage but it's should...
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    Best Strip Bar In Town??

    Where's the best peelers located? Im taking one of my boy's out for his birthday so I wanna get him retardedly drunk and rubbed down more times than the brass pole on stage. Where are the best bitches located? Classy, hot women - not those 40 year old cottage cheese grandmothers!
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    Old Track ID (specifics needed)

    XZibit - Paparazzi - White Label I think it had the Quiet Storm rmx on the flip?? I'm pretty sure Congo Natty released it. White label from years ago. Anyways, Can someone hook me up with the exact information on the label so i can track this bitch down. Thanks Jonny
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    Who's everyone using for car insurance?

    Time to find a new company, one that doesnt rape me for car and bike insurance. If there is one? Any suggestions? Thanks. Jonny
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    Dead Cats, Dont Run Them Over - - Again

    Three times this weekend Ive seen people run over dead cats on the road. Its goose is already cooked but c'mon people - It's not *that* hard to drive around it. How would little Billy feel if he saw you plow his cat over and over and over? :( Show some love, dont squish kitties! J
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    Hits from 99-00??

    What were some of the major tunes around the time of Wemf 99 and Wemf 00. Ya I know its a year apart but gimme some anthems in that time span. Many thanks. Jonny