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    happy birthday syntax error!

    birthday isn't until tomorrow but i'll be out of the country so i wanted to give everyone a chance to wish me well. also i haven't started a thread in a while and have been feeling underrepresented lately. hope you all have a wonderful life and remember that if you don't wish me well and i die...
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    what's the deal with baby carrots?

    i know a few people who avoid them like immigrants avoid washing their hands after taking a shit in a public bathroom. is there any reason that they're so bad for you? i've found them sweeter than normal carrots and very convenient as well. is everybody else crazy?
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    creepy/stabby/cockshot pm's

    now that alexd has opened up the floor by posting personal correspondence i'd like to invite everyone to post any pm's which could fall under the category of creepy/stabby/cockshot. you can either identify who sent you the pm or if you're a complete pussy you could post it without that...
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    the appreciation thread

    this is the thread where you post about how much you like the topic. it can also be used by those who hate the topic to argue with those who like it demonstrating how subversive they are. this thread will have the same 6 people posting.
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    newspaper article

    in this thread you can post what you think about a specific piece of news. also feel free to trash the writing of the article along with the opinions of anyone you disagree with. statements such as "all ____ should be ___" are encouraged along with lengthy posts which describe how you...
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    survey topic

    this is a thread where people post information about themselves. under no circumstances should there be any discussion or actual content. don't even read the responses of others. post your own shit and then get out. enjoy!
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    Plastic toothpicks

    now will someone help me out?
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    the artificial sweetener appeciation thread

    aspartame - 124mg/355mL nothing make me happier. splenda is ok as well but only for diet orange crush.
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    happy birthday syntax error

    i'm too lazy to write anything meaningful or witty so i've decided to ramble on until i feel like stopping and hitting submit. today i started thinking about fur coats for some strange reason. not that i would wear one but then again i don't have anything against them either. also i am torn...
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    take a look at me now

    oh there's just an empty space And there's nothing left here to remind me, just the memory of your face Ooh take a look at me now, well there's just an empty space And you coming back to me is against the odds and that's what I've got to face phil collins > U
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    decent vocoder

    anyone know a good software based vocoder for os x? i need either a standalone app or au plugin. free is preferred however i can live with dropping cash on something decent. thanks.
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    got it bad

    got it bad got it bad i'm hot for teacher.
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    another reason to sew eggs to your pants

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    piracy - 2, retail - 0

    http://www.reportonbusiness.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20071111.wmusic1111/BNStory/Business/?page=rss&id=RTGAM.20071111.wmusic1111 i hope you're all proud of yourselves.
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    what should my new name be

    for various reasons i cannot use the name syntax error anymore. i am looking for a new handle to post to this board with. below are some options which i think could work. i encourage everyone to vote on which name they feel would suit me the best. suggestions are encouraged however i will...
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    i just had a cigarette. does anyone else here smoke? if so then why did you start? what brands do you like? what brands did you previously like but no longer enjoy? if not then did you ever smoke? why did you quit? was it the money or for health reasons? if you never started then why...
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    empty plastic bottles

    what do you do with them? sometimes i reuse them but other times i will just throw them in the garbage. i would recycle more but i don't believe in it. what are your favourite types of plastic bottle? i prefer the clear ones so i can see what i'm drinking unless it's something with a gross...
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    anybody enjoy eating lunch?

    i haven't had lunch all week and it's really getting to me. do you find yourself often skipping lunch or are you one of those people who must have it every day? what do you usually have for lunch? where do you eat it? i like sandwiches mostly when i can have them but other times i don't...
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    what are your favourite kinds of drapes? do you have a colour preference? to you hang them mainly for style or do they also serve a purpose such as to warm your place or keep out insects? my drapes match a candle that i have.
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    i quit

    deevah made me do it. and the rest of you helped. good day.