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    DJ VsZero (Whistler) dissapearance

    The strange thing is I find here on the west coast a lot of people are going missing. I am running into missing persons posters everywhere. I honestly hate to say it but I think there is another serial killer on the loose. Being in Whistler every week you would think there would be posters...
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    wemf 2011 / madawaska ontario / pics

    Hahahaha I got sketchy just from reading the reviews of this...
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    Who is the real Lee Osborne

    I agree. I have tried to place (CAN) beside my name to make sure that our music does not fall under the same name. But for some reason Beatport will not honour that. The Lee Osborne UK has been successful in producing trance over the years. I don't really know why he would call this thread...
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    Mutek 10 anyone?

    I am at the Quality inn all weekend.
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    where do you workout?

    I am at the JCC at Bloor and Spadina.
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    nine inch nails / jane's addiction

    I want to go to this
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    Comfort Zone is fighting back.

    Its about time some trys to do something about Adam Vaughan Toronto nightclub sues city for harassment The Comfort Zone files $11-million lawsuit over alleged 'insidious' campaign to put it out of business KIRK MAKIN From Monday's Globe and Mail March 9, 2009 at 4:25 AM EDT A Toronto...
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    Coachella 2009

    The line up looks the weakest to date.
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    Dubfire at the Guv

    Mushroom please tell me you were joking when you wrote this review.
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    The Last Supper

    Speaking of iceland what do you think the cost is for a week there all in these days?
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    Old School @ Footwork

    The Place was packed to the gills. Tim Patrick was the best in my opinion. Chris Sheppard mixed better then I expected. John E was just as bad as I remember. Donald Glaude didn't even play old school. and Jelo finally came on to play some old classics. Good times all around.
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    Erick Morrillo arrested for cocaine possession

    Hey I woulden't mind traveling around the world and getting paid for it. You would just have to be smart about it which I don't think I have the will power.
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    New years Resolutions?

    Quit or slow down drinking.
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    Old Skool Boxing Day Party

    I am so looking forward to this party. I had breakfast with Sheppard the other morning and he is pretty stoked as well. Donald Glaude dropped some serious breaks last year and I hope he does it again.
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    Hi BAd Luck

    No meth. Just Life. The first half of the year was great then from august on it kind of went to shit.
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    Tattoo question

    I am interested in researching in getting a sleeve done. But if I am going to do it I want to be top notch. Is there any places or artists that you can recommend.
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    Hi BAd Luck

    I was homeless this year for a week because I could not find an apartment. I got into two car accidents this year. Got dumped by my girlfriend and I am still trying to figure that one out. I just went to try spinning class for the first time and the instructor didn't show up. There is more I...
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    Tapas/Wine Bar Recommendation

    Foxley on Ossington. You almost have to be there at 6:00 p.m. to get a set.
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    Steve Lawler NYE - Toronto - Liberty Market

    The party does look good.
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    Industry Reunion 2008

    Looks like crap. What happened to a full on industry party? I will not be at this....