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    West8 Waterfront (Dutch Design Team)

    This was just announced as the waterfront winner. http://www.towaterfront.ca/dbdocs/446a4425175d8.pdf I must admit I cringed a little at the floating maple leaf at first, but there's a lot of interesting elements to this. some great ideas. edit: just heard on the cbc - the floating maple...
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    buying server hardware in ontario? supermicro?

    hey, so it's coming time for me to build a new server. and i'm just considering getting a 1u dell because i really can't build one cheaper, and my experince with them has actually been pretty good, but... if i could get my hands on a supermicro 1u chassis that i could throw some opterons in...
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    external scsi cables?

    Where does one find such a thing on short-notice? searching regular spadina/college places is proving futile. I'm looking for a vhdci 68-pin male to md68 male. Does anyone have a good toronto source for things like this and other server hardware that is a bit outside of regular consumer...
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    classic gaming thread

    Okay, I searched, and I didn't find a thread on classic gaming, so I'm starting one. Has anybody bought one of these? I hear if you open it up, it'll play all your classic carts. Also, you can hook in your old controllers and stuff as-is. Looks dope to me. (and i hear it's an actual...
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    network monitoring tools - snmp

    Hey, I'm looking into network monitoring tools. Specifically, I'm wanting to monitor raid-status/security alerts/ip traffic/system load/etc/ It looks like there's quite a few options out there, jffnms, opennms, nagios, etc. Does anybody have any experience/recommendations?
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    dead hard drive emergency.

    Okay, so a long-forgotten computer has a dead hard drive in it, which turns out has some critical data on it. It's in a linux-format, some serious i/o errors, and i can't read the partition table. Does anybody know of anywhere in toronto that will do recovery on a physically damaged drive...
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    absurd american headlines

    Okay, this one story probably doesn't deserve it's own thread, but stories of american extremism continue to get more ridiculous. http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2004-11-17-school-dress_x.htm
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    bizarre accident at queen & roncesvalles

    just heard this on the cbc. can't find any other details yet. 1 stolen car 1 school bus (no injuries) 2 cruisers 1 restaurant window 1 gas main http://toronto.cbc.ca/media/radionews/frame.html
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    Altered Beats - June 11

    Just curious if anyone's going to this thing at the el mocambo tonight. Bogdan, c64, belladonnakillz, dominik, etc.
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    coffee & cigarettes

    Anybody seen this? It looks dope. http://www.coffeeandcigarettesmovie.com/ Damn! that don't sound too good Bill Murray!
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    sweet jesus.

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    pitchfork fun

    http://somethingawful.com/ this is the best burn ever, well.. if you've read pitchfork, otherwise please ignore.
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    mar 10 - bogdan / soundmurderer - rephlex tour

    So.. are people going? Tonight at Lee's. I've been listening to soundmurderer vs. the bug & soundmurderer wired-for-sound sets today, and I'm quite excited. Bogdan should be good too. Anybody know who the 'rephlex djs' are?
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    any (ex) blockbuster employees?

    Rented a couple dvd's and they forgot to take the yellow tabs off that seal the case closed. I'm feeling way too lazy to hike back to the store right now, any easy/non-destructive way to take these out?
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    twitch city

    the first episode of the first season is on showcase right now. it's a weird little don-mckellar canadian tv series about a guy who lives in kensington, watches trash t.v. and refuses to leave his house. am i the only person obsessed with this? anyways, if it sounds like your kind of thing...
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    Atari STe: free to good home..

    Q: a what now? why would I want that A: an atari STe, and an associated monitor. it was atari's personal computer, big amongst electronic musicians because it has built in midi ports, and was cheap. You can also play old video games and stuff on it, but it's not a console. Chances are if you...
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    YO LA TENGO - back October 3rd?

    Does anybody know the deal with this? They were just here a few months ago. Maybe they're trying to make up for the lack of 'rock songs' at their last concert. YO LA TENGO w/ Aisler's Set. Ryerson Theatre, 43 Gerrard E. $27.50 at TM, RT, SS, ST. Oct 3.
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    haircuts in the west end.

    I just moved to 'the junction' (keele & dundas - near bloor west village), and am trying to find a place to get a decent haircut; just a simple guy's haircut. But in addition to the usual stress of finding a new barber, I'm going to a wedding this week, so it can't be fucked up. Any...
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    ADULT., Magas, Solvent&Lowfish

    Jesus, how much fun was that?!
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    Yo La Tengo - April 14th

    Just curious how many of us are going. It should be fantastic, the last time I saw them at the Warehouse was seriously one of my favourite concert memories ever. It's sold out, and we're short one ticket. If anyone can't make it, or is willing to get rid of a ticket, I'd give you my...