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    Thriller tonite - DJ Lineup?!

    Going to see DJ Marky tonite... love watching this man play live!! But there's no DJ lineup or schedule in the upcoming events post... someone help me with this!!! BTW - Anyone else coming tonite?
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    Record Stores in the UK

    Hey, My cousin is visiting the UK this month and I asked him to check out a few record stores for some DnB tracks. Do you guys know any names of record stores that specialize in drum and bass. There are probably a tonne but I only know of blackmarket records. Can you guys help me out? I want...
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    Drum and Bass Arena?!?!

    Is it just me or is everyone else getting a "The page cannot be displayed" when trying to get on Drum and Bass Arena?! :confused: http://www.breakbeat.co.uk If there site goes the way of groovetech I will be very very very sad!!! :(
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    Carl Cox @ Aria

    Was in Montreal for the weekend and we decided to check out Carl Cox at Aria on Saturday night!! This was my first time in Montreal and at Aria. I was not disappointed. Montreal Rocks!! For those that have never been to Aria, the place doesn't open until 1:30 or something. We got there at...
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    Any parties in Montreal on July Long weekend?

    Hi... Thinking about taking a road trip to Montreal next weekend just because But wondering if there are any big parties going on in Montreal that weekend? I've never been to Montreal before... should be fun!!
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    Shy FX - feelin u

    Does anyone have this song on MP3... been trying to download it forever but it's hard to get it off of kazaa
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    area one?!?! area two?? whatever it is!!

    hey... does anyone have any info on what's going on with this yet for here in toronto?? On the ticketmaster website and on the radio the only thing they say is that Moby, David Bowie and Busta Rhymes is playing but are there any more?? On the areaone website it lists digweed, carl cox, and...
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    Bad Boy Bill @ The Warehouse???

    Did anyone go??? How was it???