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    FS - Baby slings/nursing cover

    Hey moms and moms to be.... I have a few things that were given to me (gently used) or as gifts that I never used (as they were the wrong size or I got duplicates).... 1) Pippalily pouch sling size large (was too big for me, and I ended up getting the same one in the right size and love...
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    Happy Birthday R4V4G3D SKU11S!!!

    happy happy birthday to my favourite guy in the world!! may the next year bring you happiness, excitement, success, and much personal discovery. i think its going to be great!!! we've been through thick and thin and no doubt this will continue, but i know it will okay, because we'll go...
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    **Help me do it up proper!!** Friday August 5th

    So this friday is my bachelorette party, and we are looking for a late night destination..... we are starting the night off with dinner, followed by some drinks at Volume lounge. after that, we need some suggestions!!! i'm looking for some 'hands in the air, scream your head off' awesome...
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    Roxy Blu - May 6

    Yet another fantastic night at roxy!!! great tunes, great crowd, lots of drinks = fun times last night! I spent most of my time in the breaks room with a few breaks to go to the house room. saw a bit of lady linzee and as per usual, she was rocking the house. andrea, liz and i found a spot...
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    House and Breaks @ Roxy Blu

    House and Breaks @ Roxy Blu - May 6th!!!! Who's in? this night keeps getting better and better and next friday should be more of the same goodness!! my old partner in crime on the dancefloor will be in town visiting next weekend, and we are whooping it up at roxy!! can't wait...
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    Roxy Blu - March 3

    GOOD TIMES!!!! I can't say enough about this night. such a good thing going. great tunes, great (and good looking!!) people and an overall vibe of fun!! as long as this night continues, i will be there!! got there last night around 10:30ish to hear jmat's early set and jo and i opened...
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    ***Happy Birthday R4V4G3D SKU11S!!***

    Happy Happy 25th Birthday Kevin!! I know this might not be your *best* birthday ever, but I'm proud of you sticking it out and keeping a smile on your face. You are such an amazing person and you deserve all the happiness in the world! I love you to bits and can't wait to spend many...
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    Congrats Ravegod!!!

    Today Kevin is graduating from university!! Congratulations on completion of a momentous task!! You now can put letters after your name! Anyways, I'm proud of you and your hard work! Love you lots! :)sarah
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    Bathroom/Kitchen Contractors?

    before you all berate me for not using google/yellow pages/phone book etc:p i have used all those and i do have a list of potential contractors. i've also been to the Home Show and the Interior Design show and seen a bunch of other contractors in the toronto area. however, now what i'm...
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    Hullabaloo! Accelerator - Feb 7/04

    happy hulla everyone!! as per usual, a hulla-fantastic time was had by all!! basic, timmy and i headed down to the Opera House around 11:30ish and got inside just in time for Chiclet's set! woohoo!! hard trance baby! and marcia, the crowd was going off! hands in the air all over the...
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    ****Happy Birthday Basic****

    Happy Birthday Basic!! Today we celebrate you and your incredible life! This past year has held some serious darkness, but now you are way back into the lightness, and because of that, this celebration of your life is incredibly important to me and to all those who love you! You are one...
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    Car Detailing

    so as a treat to myself i'm thinking of getting the interior of my car detailed.........(its a disgusting mess right now and i hate cleaning my car) i already googled it and have found a couple of places that pick up and deliver and have some costs, but i wanna check these costs etc against...
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    Promise Party - Canada Day Beach Party

    all i have to say is 'woohoo!!!! promise beach parties are back!!" such a great end to the long weekend. headed down to the beach around 4...perfect timing to claim our 'regular' spot and set up oru chairs etc. spent the next five hours just chilling, enjoying th sun, the beats, the...
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    BRT - basic

    clean out your pm box silly!! i need to waste time at work by sending you messages! :)sarah
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    the Marijuana March

    .....so i'm home and burnt alread, both sun and otherwise:D an allround great afternoon.....sun, people, music, frisbee, food. so i didn't *actually* march. more like just hung out in the park. good times tho. lots of assorted characters to add to the enjoyment - goths, hippies, skate...
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    Engagement Party Etiquette

    SO....as we enter the wedding season, I NEED SOME DAMN HELP!!! my circle of friends has just begun to enter in the marrying stage of life...one girlfriend last summer and i was a bridesmaid. another one this summer, again i'm a bridesmaid. another old friend this summer as well.... here's...
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    helping someone

    watching a friend struggle with something is a painful and exhausting process. you try and be supportive, patient, caring and kind, yet ulitimately it is up to them to make it through. i'm currently going through this and i feel terrible. i want to instantly make everything better again...
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    Administrative Professionals Day

    So today is the day! its kinda like valentines day...you should appreciate me EVERY DAY, not just one hallmark day of the year! however, between my buyers i have received two lovely cards and 10$ coupons at Tim Hortons and 10$ coupons at Starbucks....with my lowly salary i really appreciate...
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    Electrical Help!!!

    Anyone know a good, reliable, and reasonable priced electrician in the downtown core? I need one however, know nothing in the area of home repair!! thanks in advance to the wise tribe masses! :)sarah
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    Happy Birthday Echo!!!

    I just realized we were halfway into the big day and no message yet!! so....to one of the most fun, generous and beautiful girls I know...i wish you a happy happy birthday!! so glad to be able to share it with you!! here's to always being the older woman!!:D xoxo sarah