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    Erik Romero beats

    does anyone have a link to mp3 files of tracks produced by erik romero?
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    Summer Cologne.

    I am in need of a new Summer-ish cologne. needs to actually hold it's scent for longer than the time it takes for me to leave my condo and get to work in the morning. suggestions?
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    kegs of beer

    hosting a stag weekend for a friend and i thought i'd ask tribe for some help anyone here have experiences with getting kegs from brewers vs the beer store? if so could you post if it's cheaper/easier. would be greatly appreciated thanks. stag is being held in orillia so the choices...
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    Hugh Hefner

    personally i love playboy, and i defend it all the time as it's essentially maxim will nude models in it (and that's alright with me). But! in my opinion hugh hefner is a parody of himself. when you're 30 and you wear pajamas and wander around your house all day it's enviable. when you're 80...
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    Hearn generating station

    the hearn generating station which sits in the unused section of the waterfront between cherry and woodbine is an amazing building which i am sure some of you have seen or are just as amazed by as i am. it's a monstrous red brick building that is a prime relic of the industrial age tate...