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    Call of Duty

    Anyone suckered in for another year of lag, quick scoping turds, shitty hit detection and unispiring maps? Raises hand
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    Anyone playing the Alpha? Bought it after a co-worker raved about the DayZ mod for Armma2. Open world, killing zombies, pvp, building bases, hunting etc. Good times
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    Fantasy Sports Thread

    I have a feeling the majority of us play fantasy sports so why not have a thread for it. I just trade Hamels for C.Davis. Now looking to move Bautista. What do you think is a good return for Jose?
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    Hard to find Mp3

    Hopefully someone can help me out.. I'm looking for an older track in mp3 form but haven't been able to locate it yet. Clay Ivey - Classic City Disco -Chris Anderson mix If anyone has it or could locate it I would really appreciate it
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    Black Ops 2

    While NBA 2k13 and Halo 4 get the bulk of my gaming at the moment Blops 2 lurks just around the corner. Can I expect another Tribe clan beat down in mulitplayer?
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    Modern Warfare has finally launched and is expected to be one of the biggest releases of 2011. Critics are giving the game pretty good reviews however it's getting blasted by fans. What do you guys think so far? As for me I'm rather disappointed. The multiplayer has been tweaked slightly...
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    Portishead -Seattle WA, Oct. 23

    Mesmerizing. This feels like the best adjective to describe Portishead's absolutely fantastic performance last night at WaMu theater. Mother Nature even played her part late in the afternoon, calling on the clouds and even a light rain as we walked to the venue. Perfect. Opening with...
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    Oct. 24 - Vancouver PNE YYYYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!
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    LCD, LED or Plasma?

    So my wife and I have a nice chuck of change from the wedding. That means it's time to purchase some toys for our new place. I've had my eye on a few tv's (all 50" and bigger) but i'd still like some outside opinions. We're not interested in 3D tvs. Just not our thing at the moment. Our...
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    16 year-old girl strangled to death by father

    ------------------------- A 16-year-old girl is in critical condition after being choked by a man believed to be her father, apparently after a dispute with her family over her refusal to wear the hijab, the Islamic headscarf worn by some Muslim women. The Post's Chris Wattie updates this...
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    "Selling Atheism to Children" -The Golden Path a.k.a The Northern Lights

    Children's film or anit-Christian propoganda? Religous groups, such as the Catholic League, started a two month protest in October calling for the boycott of this film because it will encourage children to read the series which "denigrates Christianity" and promotes "atheism for kids" Here...
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    Tribe Weekly Hockey Game Thread...

    Let's get a general indea of who's interested in playing a weekly tribe ICE hockey game this winter. Things to discuss: Equipment0 Goalies must wear full equipment. Forwards and D must wear gloves and helment? Which outdoor rink? What day and time? --------------------------- I'm...
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    The Canadian Dollar

    1 Canadian dollar = 0.972006 U.S. dollars As the US dollar continues to weaken and the Canadian loonie inches ever closer to becoming par I'm puzzled as to why we haven't seen commensurate equalization in the costs of living, goods and sales etc?
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    Happy Birthday Loress

    All my best for a wonderful day happy birthday sister :) love ian
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    Surfing the Great Lakes

    Does anyone on this board surf the lakes? I've been itching to surf for years now. I only recently became aware of the lake scene after watching the teaser for unsalted on youtube a few months back.
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    LF: Live Funk Band

    Live Funk Band needed for weekly night. pm me
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    FS: 2004 Option Supercap 157, with bindings and boots

    Option Supercap 157 w. Option Contact bindings. Only rode this 1 season. Ride Orion boots size 9 (perfect for size 10 feet) $200 for the lot. A perfect setup for the beginner or intermediate rider.
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    Bro Rape: A newsline investigative report

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    Dave Chappelle - Massy Hall August 28

    I'm not sure of the date actually. I think it's Sunday the 27th or Monday the 28th .. regardless tickets go on sale this monday morning 10:00am BITCHES!!
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    Superman Returns

    Since the Man of Steel is returning to the big sceen in 4 days i felt he deserved his own thread. I just got my tickets for opening day on the Imax (the only way to experience this movie in my opinion) How will Superman Returns rank in the comicbook movie genre? I have a feeling that this...