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    I am awesome.

    So today marks 10 years since I've been here on Tribe and nearly as long as I've had a hand in adminning the servers. After this post, I'll have amassed a grand total of 5 posts to my name -- that's once every two years for those keeping track at home. Anyhoo... This post is pointless...
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    Seeking Sr. Linux/Network Admin position

    So, my wife's starting her masters at UoT, and with that, we're moving back to Toronto. I'm currently working in Burlington, but given the potential for work in the downtown area, it doesn't really make sense to commute westward each day. I've got nearly 10 years of professional experience with...
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    [COMPLETE!]: Board downtime tonight (Apr 6) @ 10:00pm

    Your friendly, neighbourhood sysadmin, here... The board will be unavailable tonight starting around 10pm EDT for about an hour while we perform a minor upgrade to the board's software. -- heliox
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    FS: Crumpler Karachi Outpost Camera/Laptop Backpack

    This top-of-the-line, waterproof backpack is nearly new and in perfect condition. I received it as a gift and only used it twice. It's a great bag, but I'm about 5"5' and it's a little big for my frame. It offers padded, removable compartments for an army of camera bodies, lenses, and...