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    Placid goes Back to 89 again

    Nice one, I'd love to see a full on acid house revival take on... it's about time we have something of a return.
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    Cherry Beach Bitches!

    spoke too soon.. the weather is coming....
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    Cherry Beach Bitches!

    I don't see any thunderstorms.. boo to this.. I was quite looking forward to today.. and well, the weather is perfect to be kickin it on the beach right now.
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    1988 - Classic Chicago Acid

    nice one
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    Mellow dnb mix from DJ Galaxi (rather good too)

    Thanks J.. I've been trying find D&B like this for a few weeks now. Thanks for the up. Perfect for the snowy days we're having!
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    Converting divx to DVD or VCD formats.

    mininova, or macbits.
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    A Very Dub Reggae Set By Yours Truly!

    Hey J, why is the mp3 only encoded at 112k?
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    A Very Dub Reggae Set By Yours Truly!

    FUCk ya!! Yoink
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    Rents - Enter the Void (dub, downtempo, psy/ambient dub)

    Another top mix. Nice work man. It will definetly be in heavy rotation for the next while.
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    because she's so dam hot...
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    Rents - Enter the Void (dub, downtempo, psy/ambient dub)

    NICE!! It's about time...looking forward.
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    Tribe Spotting Ver 2.0

    Nor am I one for awkward hellos.
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    Tribe Spotting Ver 2.0

    Yep, I saw you in the Big Carrot.
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    Tribe Spotting Ver 2.0

    No. Do you drive a blue Acura?
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    Tribe Spotting Ver 2.0

    I think I spotted Geminigirl at work today.
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    Jocelyn Dee: Secret Agent Style (Part 1)- July 2006 (funky dnb)

    I look forward to the dubbier version 2.
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    Zirca - Tequila Sunrise (Liquid Funk)

    I see what you mean, but for me, the tracks in Ladies night had more attitude overall. The beats and the vocals were a bit dirtier, and felt TS was too light and poppy. I do certainly look forward for another mix! :D
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    Zirca - Tequila Sunrise (Liquid Funk)

    I'm feeling that as well. I've really dug all your other mixes Zirca, but there is just wwwwwaaayy too many vocals for my taste. Programming and mixing are brilliant as per usual. I'll look forward to a harder mix from you perhaps. PS. Thanks for being one of the djs who correctly...
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    Basilisk - Octopus Marmalade (deep & funky progressive psytrance)

    I'm really enjoying this mix man. Thanks.
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    a 'dirty member' finally comes clean

    Thanks for this!