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    so so so tired! this site was miles better than the last but i still miss the old barn. a big thanks to the harvest crew for making a succesful 24 hrs, i had a blast
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    Anyone have a gmail account?

    Facebook is great my ex uses it to spy on me as I do to her, damn cheating bitch!
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    Do chinese people have garage sales?

    i thought their garage sales were called Dollarama
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    how to detan

    Hang upside down and drink milk while listening to the Beach Boys
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    Mike Shannon at Crosstown

    Mike was great, he went on late but definitely got me dancing, thanks buddy, maybe i'll get 2 hear u in Waterloo too! One if my favorite sets to date. Excellent sound from those speakers, damn was it ever clear and precise. There were some lingering farts in the crowd, i think one was...
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    Pan/tone @ TOI

    It was a good show. Smooth tech, haven't heard Pan/Tone in a long long time, hadn't seen friends in a long time either so good times indeed. Toi Bar is small. Walk up narrow stairs to a hot as hell bar lined up along the wall in front of you. Turn 180 to your right and you have couches all down...
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    King Sunshine, Mark Farina @ the Docks

    Arrived at the Docks around 10pm, no line up of course. I have never seen that place before the start of a night, very relaxed. I had not been there for over 8 months so i'm not quite sure what changes they had made in the earlier months. I have to say I have never seen that place looking and...
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    Vehicular Advice: Leasing

    if u can afford a beemer why would you care a bout residual value, thanks for rubbing that one in, I drive an accent, great chick magnet
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    Fukhouse Compression Session Vol. 1 Eric Downer

    cool tunes man, me and my haven't-ever-really-heard-electronic-music-before buddies really enjoyed this mix.
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    the end of pho?

    r u guys talking about phos or rug n' tugs?
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    the end of pho?

    lol, u one funny mofo I think all the Phos are moving out of Toronto and opening shop in Kitchener.
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    the ymca sucks balls

    Buy a BowFlex and Billy Blanks DVD
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    Misstress Barbara @ This is London

    hear hear, i think this topic is officially closed i hear to many racist comments nowadays i'm sick of it! I didn't even know Misstress was playing getting looped out of the loop
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    Misstress Barbara @ This is London

    so -misstress good (the most important) -this is london bad (another venue bites) -people on drugs (maybe i shouldn't even mention that) -cheap sound system (why can't they get it right) hhhmmmm hard to judge this one
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    joey beltram

    Final word: Joey Beltram was fantastic. His set was definitely similar to many of his downloadable sets out there. It was percussive, mostly relentless all night and overall great slammin' dancin' tunes. Very pleased to have made it out for this one but if you missed it just find one his live...
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    joey beltram

    i think the best DJs in the world play what people like to hear. Apart from DJs that push different boundaries, a popular DJ would be one that plays what everybody enjoys and in a properly mixed fashion. Alex deleting posts? don't even get me started on that one!
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    joey beltram

    the ceiling couldn't see anything else, it was my phone. didn't want wave it in Beltram's face
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    joey beltram

    i thought he swallowed that thing, everytime he let out a breath the fucker would whistle,it was non stop, pain in the ass 4 sure
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    joey beltram

    recorded for 7:47 mins during Beltram's set, u know video quality sucks and the sound is pretty fucked, but u know listen once and delete. he played pretty hard Beltram @ Footwork Vid