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    www.LondonNights.ca can no longer post pictures on this forum Happy you fuckers?
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    Bird casualties

    So as I was walking into work today, I saw a bird who I thought most definetaly was gonna get creamed by an oncoming bus. I was so sure of it, I could put my rent money down on it, then the little guy turned on his retro-rockets, along with a quick right and managed to do a fly-by. To him...
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    PC clocks - and why the fuck they reset themselves

    Just curious if anyone else has had this problem? The last couple weeks my pc keeps going back 1 hour. I've ran system scans, third party program removers (adaware etc), and still this problem persists. Problem being my alarm is set on my computer to wake me up for work :mad:
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    Best $1 investment you've ever made

    Mines a frikkin lazer, from the dollar store. Smartest dollar I've ever spent.
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    Condiments ala BBQ

    It's time to chip the rust off the BBQ which has been sitting on the rooftop since last summer. I need to open myself up to some new flavors. Being the BBQ buff that I am, guess I should add some variation. I ritually used 3 of Diana's sauce's last year, whatchu guys use?
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    Shirtless people

    I've been outside for at least a few hours a day for the last few days since it's been nice out. I've noticed that the only people who walk around the streets with their shirts off are the ones who have mullet's and tattoos. It's like a skid-row convention just ended, time to hit the streets.
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    Battlefield Vietnam

    Anyone into this game at all? I just bought a new computer system and I'm pumped to finally install this game which I've had for months. My old PC couldn't hack it. I'd like to get online and play thoes of you who run this game as well. What's your ID, and what servers do you guys play on?
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    Firewall Suggestions

    I rounded up a search on Tribe, no results worth looking into. I'm currently using Norton Personal Firewall 2003 at home, and it's causing me grief. Any suggestions for a decent Firewall for my PC? I've tried ZoneAlarm and I had problems with it in the past, especially after the...
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    Name that Vinyl.

    Someone wanna tell me what vinyl that is she's holding? It could possibly have something to do with "RJD2", DMC related vinyl I'm guessing. If someone gets this, you get a cookie.
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    School Rings

    I was on the bus this morning and saw some guy, probably around 37 - 40 years of age with a school ring on his finger. You know those big bulky ones you can pick out during your highschool years. . . Curious if any of you own one of these, and still wear it? I never got one when I was...
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    Considering the odds of actually winning, it's almost a waste putting money down on a ticket. Whether scratch and win instantly, or Lotto 649 etc. it's almost a sure bet you won't win a penny. I'm just curious as to how many of you have actaully won anything from your tickets? And if...
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    April Fools

    Do any of you have gags on your agenda for today? I was in the shower and heard on the radio that Mastercard and Visa and American Express are running on an 'honor system' for the next few hours as their computers are down. lol
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    Manipulate THIS

    Let me start
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    New Found Glory

    Any NFG fans on Tribe? They're performing at the Kool Haus this coming Sunday. I'm debating on going. Is anyone else attending? What are these guys like LIVE?
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    1000 posts x 4

    4000 is coming today! I know this doesn't excite you guys one bit. Nor does it really deserve its own thread, but it's my post counts birthday and I'll celebrate it however I wish.
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    Foods you won't eat cause of the name

    Personally I can't think of any.
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    Did you guys know it's spring already?

    I dunno if the other 30 thread's gave it away.....
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    I got my first star on Ebay today.

    I dunno why this excites me so much. But here she is:
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    I'm looking for some stores in the Toronto area, or other Canadian locations which sell electronics at decent prices. I'm looking for some speakers right now. Having a hard time finding Canadian based dealers. I tried searching Tribe already for similar threads. No luck. Any help would...
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    The DJ Booking "Exchange" - A booking for a booking ~

    I know we have a few artists on this board who either have residency's, or have connections on the other side of the border, or in their fair city. I'm looking for one person, who is willing to roll out to Juarez, Mexico for a booking with me. I won't provide details for you, or anything at...