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    Halloween This Year

    Sorry if theres a thread like this been made already ? Anyways.. So Who is doing what? I wanna come to toronto for halloween this year. I'm bringing my friend Jamie. We want to go somewhere fun. Where we can be dressed up. anyone know whats going on at any clubs this year for...
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    HARTZ BRAND ANIMAL PRODUCTS....Animal lovers beware!!Read on

    My cat Che-lin gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens about 4 weeks ago (nov 18). They developed awesomely..were starting to walk with out any problems. eyes were all open...they played. They had fleas though unfortunetly. So my sister went and bought flea collars for all our adult animals (I...
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    Jewelers in GTA/Ontario...

    Can you give me some names of good jewelers in the GTA or ontario region? Ones that might possibly have an online catalogue? I'm looking for a nice platinum ring for my bf for xmas. help help
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    you dirty wh0re, clean your box.
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    Mayham @ System...Oct 28th.

    Who will be joining me this year ? Also are you dressing up?
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    Y'all missing me yet ? It's gotta have been like what ??.... 3 months since my last post or so??? Show me some love my tribe family.... :) I 've missed you all. I swear.
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    Momentos ...(The club)

    Anyone been here, or know what its like. nice place.. seedy....meh ? Good tunez,? I need a low down.
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    Chooch, look in here!!

    your box was full. this is easier. anyways Hey haven't talked to you in a bit. I thought maybe you'd wanna get together again and go for dinner at the Sultans Tent when I'm in town?? Could be fun. I'll pay. Lemme know.
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    The grudge...... Movie

    Did a search and found nothing on it. I hate Sarah Michelle geller or what ever her face is, but I think this movie looks good. The kid with the cats meow is freaky.. and the person climbing down the stairs.. I love horror flicks. Anyone else think this one might be cool? Trailor
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    is it just getting old perhaps?

    I can't go through the days I work anymore with out a nap afterwards. I find myself utterly ehausted and tired then I just crash for a good 2 or 3 hours. Get up, eat super , lounge around til about 11 pm then crash for the night? I remember when I could go for a couple days with no sleep and...
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    Waters sells right to the wall... New Broadway play to be born.

    http://www.chartattack.com/damn/2004/08/0508.cfm Look Out Mama Mia, Pink Floyd's The Wall Is Coming To Broadway Thursday August 05, 2004 @ 05:00 PM By: ChartAttack.com Staff Pink Floyd The Great White Way is the new black. Forget crowded clubs convulsing with frenetic energy, do...
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    boss hog, vital information inside.

    box, clean it, ya pimp.
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    modest mouse - float on

    this thread is nothing important.... like not a conversation one or what ever. But...... For days I've been trying to download this stupid facking song. And EVERY damn version is messed up. Damn you RIAA or whatever the hell you call yourself. Now I dunno if I like Modest Mouse or not...
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    help...song i.d....from Vanilla sky

    "Listen closely....blah blah... heres my story." (or I think this is whats said) any ideas? Its from Vanilla sky... reminds me of bob dylan...could be someone else like REM...
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    I need funk..

    I want some deep bass lines and an over all fun feel. Help me find the funk I'm looking for.......any suggestions?
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    Dj Cluster

    I tried to stuff your box... but apparently someone else beat me to it. Unstuff yo'self guy. :)
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    Buying a hat ! Yes yes y'all... a hat ! Help.

    So I'm out of kingston and downtown toronto. We, well ok, not I but my boyfriend wants to buy a hat. Something nice. Not flashy. Not super expensive. With out leaving the downtown core. where should we go, do you suggest ???? remember I'm from kingston so I have no real clue here? And I'd...
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    WinAmp Pro...I need it..

    whos got it. that I can snag it off of. msn: eccentriclrg@<nospam>hotmail.com
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    Darkside of the wizard of Oz.

    Oh Man. Where have I been? Soo cool. that is all. ;)
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    which order should I watch my movies in ?

    Which order Should I watch my movies in tonight? I've rented Boondock Saints Formula 51 True Romance and The Salton sea.. I heard Defoe is flaming in boondock saints ? Is this true ?