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    DJ Fierce @ 'Cause N Effect" Turbo 08/09/02

    The grand re-opening of the infamous 'Cause N Effect' Fridays at Turbo was graced by the presence of none other than the Quarantine label CEO himself, the one like DJ Fierce. Seeing him earlier this year at Bodyroc brought about high expectation for his return, but alas was quite a...
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    Empire's Droppin Beats Special with Bad Company (Jan. 4' 02)

    Quite the outstanding party for a first in the year '02! Big up Empire for bringing down )E|B( aka Bad Company after over a year's absence from Toronto. Opera House was quite jammin'! Sound system was very noteworthy! Crowd was alright, not packed at all. Vibes are really starting to pick up...
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    High Society presents "Kemal & Rob Data"

    ***I know this review's a little late but since nobody bothered to post anything about it, I thought I might as well. *** A long awaited Canadian debut appearance of the duo formerly known as Konflict touched down at the Opera House last weekend (10/20/01). Weird to see quite a poor crowd...
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    Vinyl Syndicate presents "DJ Hype"

    Been a while since Vinyl Syndicate has thrown down a jam to call their own but oh gosh was the wait ever so worth it! A strictly 19+ all d&b jam filled with world class local talents and none other than the one and only DJ HYPE headlining the night. What more can one ask for on the fine long...
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    Liquid Adrenaline's "Boogie Fever 3"

    Wow....I think Liquid Adrenaline has redeemed itself on my books seeing as this party turned out exceptionally well. As compared to other previous LA events, this party was pretty different. Being at the Docks, I thought that for sure LA would over pack this, & having attended 5 previous LA...
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    Vinyl Syndicate/TorontoJungle.com "Bad Company"

    For $17, this all jungle/d&b party was so worth it. Almost every local DJ represented @ this event, with a few new up and comers as well. On top of that, one of the top heavyweights of D&B: )E|B( aka Bad Company was on the bill as well. Lighting effects and sound were hype, nice and crisp...
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    Renegades "Rewind"

    How was it? -JP