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    Toronto FC vs San Jose - August 27

    Selling two tickets for Toronto FC vs San Jose Earthquakes this Saturday at 7 PM. Section 114 (supporters' section) Row 18 Seats 7-8 $70 for the pair, at cost. Tickets also give you free admission to the CNE.
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    ~~ Happy Birthday mandapanda! ~~

    Happy birthday! Hope you've recovered from your food & wine coma on this warm late-summer day. Crack open a beer and enjoy it! Remember when you didn't like beer or summer? See, there are definitely improvements that come with age. ;) Thanks for being such an amazing friend and I wish...
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    Road Roti gets Railroaded by Red Tape

    About this same time last summer, many of us rejoiced over the possibility of new street food choices in Toronto. The carts were supposed to be in place by this year, but instead, the City is presenting a program that is more questionable than the contents of a hot dog. The City will move...
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    ** Happy Birthday psyrel! **

    Happy birthday Tara! I hope you're having a great day, and looking forward to some legendary celebrations in Montreal this weekend. It has been a pleasure sharing in numerous road trips, late night poutine and tequila shots (or sips!) over the past year. You always have a smile on your face...
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    -- Happy Birthday mandapanda! --

    Happy birthday to one of my nearest and dearest friends. I know that life would be considerably more dull without your power-laughs, shrieks, swoons, pinky swears, famous quotations, scheduling, and of course, compulsive worrying. :) I know you are lamenting your fleeting youth, but I think...
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    -- Happy Birthday Mandapanda! --

    Happy 20-somethingth birthday to my favourite "sophisticated lady" ;) I've had an immeasurable amount of fun with you over the years, and look forward to more of the same. Did you know that September 13 is also the birthday of legendary crooner Mel Tormé? Hopefully you will be in your own...
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    Now that's what I call "buzz" beer!

    So I grabbed a bottle of Brick's Red Cap ale out of my fridge tonight, and thought a bit of ice had formed near the top, as my fridge has been known to freeze beverages from time to time. Upon closer examination, I realized it was a BAGGIE. Yup, a small clear baggie with blue stars!! Floating...
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    Happy Birthday Jeffsus!

    I'm kinda drunk right now, and generally not in any condition to calculate global time differences, so either happy belated birthday or happy early birthday. Schlaegel on! Oh yeah ... I almost forgot ... KONNICHIWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Have you joined yet?

    I'm loving the ad banners in this forum for the YOUNG COMMUNIST LEAGUE. http://www.ycl-ljc.ca/ See, even Google thinks you guys are a bunch of pinko commie bastards! :p
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    Grayarea and FRONT 242

    Interesting combination! On tour during November with two Canadian dates: Friday November 18th at Guvernment in Toronto Saturday November 19th at Club Soda in Montreal www.amonly.com
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    Bowling for Columbine on CBC?

    A film made by Americans, about Americans, and for Americans, is being aired on the CBC this month? I would love to hear how Bowling for Columbine fits into the CBC's mandate. Most of you are well aware that I'm not exactly a supporter of the CBC, but I do appreciate how the broadcaster...
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    John "00" Fleming

    John "00" Fleming @ Republik This Saturday! The man never disappoints.
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    Another Cash Grab by Michael Moore

    Michael Moore has released a CD titled, Songs that Inspired Fahrenheit 9/11 (Epic/Sony) featuring 14 tracks from such artists as Eddie Vedder and Zack de la Rocha. How ironic that someone who vociferously criticizes America's consumer culture puts out a soundtrack CD for a documentary film, with...
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    ~ Happy Birthday mandapanda ~

    Yes, it's that time of year again for you to be lavished with praise and well-wishes on Tribe in honour of your birthday. Thank you for being such a great friend, and for always managing to walk a fine line between sophistication and stupor. :)
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    Danny Howells - ARIA

    After a couple of "teaser" sets in Toronto last weekend, it was finally time for a proper night with Danny. The man from Hastings did not disappoint. He took over the decks around 4:30am and right from the start began laying down his signature brand of deepsexyfuturistictechfunk house. Very...
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    Lisa Lashes - Godskitchen @ The Docks

    First of all, the renovations at The Docks are impressive. The club has a lot more "architecture" than its previous incarnation, and a certain amount of effort in improving the space is quite apparent. The Godskitchen representation is noticeable but not overwhelming. That being said, I found...
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    Who are the ad wizards .... ??

    Last night, I walked into the Beer Store at Church & Wellesley and actually uttered the phrase: "Can I have 24 Wee Willy please?" Wee Willy Dark Scottish Ale is brewed by Lakeport and I really enjoy not only the flavour, but the low cost of this beer (under $30 for a case). However, the...
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    Remember the Blackout?

    Some highlights from the soon to be released report by the task force studying the blackout ... ---------------------------------- Participants in the inquiry said that engineers had identified the failure of FirstEnergy operators in Akron, Ohio, to react properly after nearby transmission...
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    Let's Keep a Tally -- Broken Liberal Promises

    The Liberals have been in power for only two weeks. How is their record so far? The Liberal Platform said: "We will shut down Ontario’s coal-burning power plants by 2007 and replace them with cleaner sources of energy." The Liberals changed their policy to suggest that coal plants will...
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    Ontario Liberals have already broke an election promise!

    Oct. 21, 2003. 01:00 AM Liberals backing off coal pledge, critics say RICHARD BRENNAN QUEEN'S PARK BUREAU The Liberals have quietly backed away from their election promise to shut down Ontario's coal-fired power plants by 2007, just days before assuming government, critics warn...