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    Rear passenger car window + crackhead = UG

    So my building manager complained that we were parking in visitor parking for too many nights. We moved the car to an underground parking nearby -- doors are open constantly and the parking lot isn't patrolled nights and weekends, but we haven't had any issues before. Today we got there and...
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    Woodworking & Carpentry courses in Toronto

    Just wondering if someone has a recommendation for a course in Toronto? I've been looking for a custom rocking chair for my growing family and can't help but think "why the eff would I pay upwards of $1000 for a chair I could build myself?!" My dad does a lot of carpentry, but I won't always...
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    Electrician: student co-op placement?

    Hey y'all, my husband is taking this course: | Electrical Practices | Collège Boréal and is looking for a co-op placement this summer (May to August). Any suggestions/leads Tribe can provide? We've been "cold" emailing companies with his resumé, to no avail. He's a first year student -- he...
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    Rent Check Credit Bureau

    I'm applying to live in a Co-Op and they say they're going to check my status on this Rent Check Credit Bureau. What kind of information about me is on this site, if any? Has anyone used this service (landlords)? Could anyone use their access to let me know what they can see? Not that I have...
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    Has anyone tried it? Recommendations? https://www.google.ca/search?q=cupping&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=fr&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=AICpULbVIJHr0QGq4oGYAg&biw=1059&bih=938&sei=B4CpUNmiEMTG0AGtr4DQBQ
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    Putting fun back into Fundraising

    So, I've been asked by work-peeps to come up with interesting fundraising ideas to raise money for a Christmas party for our whole office (which is pretty big, which is why we need money, cuz we want it to be FUN and have BOOZE). Other than chocolate bar selling, does anyone have any ideas...
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    E-bill is free, paper bill $2 with BELL

    Feels like Bell finds a way to fuck with you at every turn -- they're so sneaky! Thought I'd publish this so that fewer people would have an extra heads-up. As of December 11, 2011, e-bill will be provided at no cost and paper bill will be available for $2/mo. Bell Home Phone Basic Package...
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    The down-low on Tablets

    I need something bigger than a phone for reading and annotating documents (mostly PDFs, sometimes Microsoft-based). I need something more functional than an eReader because of said annotation. I wouldn't mind something I can take notes with and play the occasional game. Logging on to the...
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    Mad as hell: Dark Girls documentary

    24155797 After watching this I've decided to go after every black woman I know who wears a weave. "Why do you wear your hair straight?? I LOVE afro hair. Why don't you wear your hair in an afro?? Why don't you leave it natural??" I'm so tired of hearing my sisters-in-law ooo! and ahh! over...
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    Extras needed to play 'Ravers' on Total Recall, Sept. 13th (Toronto)

    Saw this on Craigslist, had to post it here!! Reply to: extrascastingtoronto@gmail.com We are looking for male and females to play 'Ravers' on Total Recall, Tuesday, Sept. 13th. In order to apply you must be completely available that day. Extra work pays $11.00/hour. A typical day...
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    Air conditionner noises

    faaaaack. A while back, this winter (February-ish), some crazy expensive dude came to my condo (i rent) and fixed the furnace/air con fan motor. As he was leaving, he mentioned that he couldn't find the exact motor for my unit so he gave me a more powerful one. He said, "you might hear it...
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    LF: wireless router

    Hey Tribe, Looking for a wireless router. Just got a PPPoE connection and the modem they sent doesn't *do* wireless and only has one Ethernet port! Wires are for pussies anyway. Let me know if you've got one to sell!
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    I need a get-away

    Any recommendations for a provincial-park chalet-type get-away for this weekend? I have no family Easter plans and I NEED to get out of the city (husband and 1-year-old in tow!).
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    barber shop downtown?

    Looking for a barbershop downtown that can cut afro-hair and give a good shave too.
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    Toronto gets Pan Am Games 2015

    According to @mayormiller on Twitter: signing the agreement:
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    The Star is firing everyone

    Toronto Star offering voluntary severance packages, layoffs likely [link] The Toronto Star is "seriously considering contracting out segments of work" and is therefore asking employees to consider voluntary severance packages in advance of likely layoffs, Star publisher John Cruickshank told...
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    Huh. Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

    http://bit.ly/4bFMo9 First reaction: too soon. Deserves it, but too soon. Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize OSLO — President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples," the...
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    the origins of humanity, monogamy, and giving women stuff for sex

    Ardi: Oldest Human Skeleton Discovered, Bipedalism Origin May Be Revealed Guest post by Jamie Shreeve, National Geographic Magazine Science Editor The big news in the journal Science tomorrow is the discovery of the oldest human skeleton--a small-brained, 110-pound female of the species...
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    National Job Fair - Sept 22 & 23, 2009

    Heads up, the national job fair's in town. 10am-7pm today and tomorrow (sept 22 & 23) http://www.thenationaljobfair.com/visitors/
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    Charlie v. Bart: the entitlement culture

    Dude brings up some great points on how entitled everyone feels they are. I'd like to blame a lack of leadership across the board (CEOs, politicians, university presidents, principals, etc.) but we're all a little bit to blame! Goodbye, Charlie Brown. Hello, Bart Simpson; Students once...