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    Technical Question.... Recording a DJ set.....

    Ok so I want to record a set using my Mac Mini, Audiobox USB (which I've rented from L & M) and turntables and mixer. Which App or program is the most simple and user friendly for recording???
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    What do you get your man on Valentines Day???

    I'm having a hard time this year coming up with ideas... so I'm just wondering what other girls are doing or have done in the past that can really impress a guy? I know everyone is going to say it depends on the guy and to pick something that has some meaning in the relationship. I just want...
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    Anyone selling a pair of 1200's???

    I'm looking for a pair of 1200's if anyone has a pair for sale please pm me, thanks :)
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    Good high energy songs with a "car or race car" theme?

    Does anyone know of any good high energy songs with a car or race car theme that has car sounds in the song?
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    Fire Poi/Buying Supplies

    Does anyone know if there is a shop somewhere in Toronto that sells fire poi/hoop/fan supplies? I would rather not buy online.
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    Anyone else think this is Funny?

    http://missiong.com/video/The-Quest-for-G LOL just thought this was funny.
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    How to Dirty Dance

    LOL I can't stop laughing at this!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQLtUiiXdqw&feature=channel
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    Olympic Flame Extinguished Three Times In Paris

    Monday April 7, 2008 CityNews.ca Staff It's an event that is supposed to symbolize worldwide harmony, but the Olympic torch relay has instead served as a lightning rod for protesters enraged over China's human rights record and crackdown in Tibet. Demonstrators showed up in force for the...
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    Dope Wars on facebook

    Ok I'm addicted. anyone else play this game? if so I have a question... if you join a cartel can you get back out later if you want to change or if you just decide you don't want to be in it anymore?
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    Food Delivery in Toronto

    Ok I know this probably has a thread already but... What are the best places to order food from?? I'm not looking to order pizza.....anything but pizza please.
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    IV Lounge... does anyone have the phone number??

    I was just wondering if anyone has a contact number for IV Lounge?? I tried looking it up but I can only seem to find the old number that's not working.
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    is anyone else into the FSX???

    I recently started playing around with the FSX - Facebook's Fantasy Stock Exchange. Its pretty good if you want to start learning the stock market. Anyone else use it yet?
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    uh oh, not looking forward to this!!!

    The Food and Drug Administration is getting ready to clear the sale of meat and milk from cloned animals, and not everybody is happy about it. Consumer groups are wary about safety and the lack of any system to track products from cloned animals and their offspring. But advocates of cloning...
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    does anyone know what happened on the 401 in Pickering today?

    A friend of mine told me he saw a whole bunch of cops pointing guns at a car on the 401 in Pickering today around 4pm. There was a man with a gun in the car with a woman and a kid. well that's just what my friend told me he saw...... who knows how much of it is true. I just thought...
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    How many Female House DJ's are there in Toronto?

    I can think of a few Dayhota Sydney Blu Vanessa DeWilde TK Sara Scruton Sarah Mixington Marilyn who else is there... I know there has to be way more?
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    Anyone Heard of Primerica yet?

    I can't believe what they are doing on such a large scale and getting away with it!!!!!!!!! I was offered a job interview through a friend that I though it was for CitiFinancial and CitiGroup but wow was I wrong. This thing is like the biggest scam I've ever seen and they target people that...
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    is anyone in Montreal heading to WEMF?

    leave me a pm if you are in Montreal and have room in your car and you are heading to WEMF. thanks
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    Happy New Years !!!

    Happy New Years Everyone !!!!
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    some Oldies but Goodies

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    We should have had a pumpkin carving contest.

    I think all the tribers should have got together and had a pumpking carving contest! It probably too late now.