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    Sasha's Fear of Panic Attacks

    Interesting article on the Airdwangger himself....my mom suffered from these, and I've witnessed first hand how these things fuck with one's mind.. Sasha Article sorry if this was posted already...but I've been out of the loop workin' hard for the past two weeks.
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    Logical Progression*Tuesdays 6-8pm

    We're back on air, after about a months hiatus, in the newly located twelveinch studios. Get your recommended daily intake of funky fresh upfront progressive muzak.. Live Tuesdays 6-8pm, archives up the next day. Check the twelveinch forum for weekly tracklistings.... It makes sense to...
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    Logical Progression...

    We're back on the twelveinch netwaves tonight after a two week hiatus...http://www.tribemagazine.com/ubb/icons/icon14.gif It only makes sense to choon in...6-8pm Tuesdays at twelveinch.com Archives up tommorrow Stay tuned in coming weeks for exclusive mixes from Hook/Bellboy recording...
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    Logical Progression

    Tuesday 6-8pm, www.twelveinch.com ...It only makes sense to choon in Jan. 22nd 6-7pm Jay McCourt 7-8pm Steve Mack (aka. Che) Archived sessions up the next day... logical@twelveinch.com
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    Logical Progression

    Back at you tonight, Tuesday Jan. 8, after the Christmas break.. Lots of goodies to drop, tune in live 6-8pm www.twelveinch.com or check the archived session all week... Peace PS. Twelveinch launch party this Friday night at Area 51...should be a good un
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    same post as on the General Forum.. Tune in to twelveinch.com tonight 6pm sharp for your chance to win some promos of this local DnB Producer, junkmusic.net , latest release "Moto" and check out some of the tunes
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    Logical Progression/twelveinch.com

    We do it again tonight (that's Tuesday), live inside the Electric Orange, on King Street in Toronto... Lot's of tasty progressive goodness, from 6-8pm on www.twelveinch.com .. Check it out
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    Toleff Lake Party - Cambridge

    First of all, big props to all who organized this one, jamie, sean, etc.... The weather was perfect, a little breezy but not cold at all. The location was amazing, it was hard to belive we were just five minutes outside of Cambridge and not five hours north of Toronto. The vibe was intimate and...