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    Ay you - soundboy - come here

    I have PPG written on my Neumark 3ch mixer... the manual says it stands for "Pre Program", sort of like a PFL listen switch for the headphone mix. g
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    LF: someone to fix my DVD player(s)

    Chances are it's a mis-aligned laser. I did some repair work at HHB on some pro CD burners from a bunch of CBC stations across the country. They were doing a similar thing. You open up the case, find the pin the laser is attached to, and knock it back into place. There'll be a notch on...
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    FS: Digidesign Digi001

    Price drop: $575 OBO I would really like to get rid of this ASAP. g
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    FS: Digidesign Digi001

    I am selling a Digidesign Digi001 audio processor. I am downgrading my home setup as all I do at home is edit, I leave the recording to the studio and my 001 is more or less an overkill at the moment. http://www.digidesign.com/products/digi001/ Comes with Digi001 breakout box, manual...
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    FS: Boss Jacket / Danier Leather Jacket / PS2 / Evolution MK-249C

    I didn't see an asking price for the Evolution MK249C...
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    TC Powercore Virus for sale!

    Reaktor 4 or 5? I'm assuming 5...
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    Pro TOols Problems

    What's your setup, hardware, and the version of PT and Windows are you running.
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    WE should have a get together!!!

    I can possibly offer some of my time in our mastering room for a few tracks... Also... how will track order be decided? Since this is REMIX XO's thread, perhaps they can decide track order as a sort of an, umm, honorarium, lol.
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    Remixing Rock Tracks

    I've been remixing "Crazy on You" by Heart for a while now, sort of a side project and have found using ProTools to be very good at getting my beats matching. Rather than use the beat detective, I roughly figure out the tempo manually with a click track, change my grid to bars:beats cut the...
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    Uneven Channels

    Too many possible reasons as to why, when recording, you're getting uneven levels... Could be the mixer's output - I assume you're recording from the outputs on the mixer regardless of whether the source is vinyl or CD, could be the input on the sound card/module, could be cables or needles...
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    LOST my Protools DIGI 001 install CD

    What version? If you're talkin' 'bout the install CD that came with your 001, chances are it's 5.01 or 5.3, which, though solid, are not the newest versions of ProTools... you can go up to 6.4 with the 001 and you'll have to pay around $60 for it on top of the hardware. You should also be...
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    Re-EQ your stuff for loudspeaker playback! :p The 4S's seem more versatile, I would go with them if you were going to only have one set of good ear/head-phones.
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    Recommendable usb audio interface

    My mistake... I was under the impression that MBox's were equipped with both Firewire and USB, but I checked and they are USB only apparently... stupid, IMO. As for USB being fast enough... we did a thread about this already... Firewire can handle way more tracks of audio than USB. I've run...
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    Recommendable usb audio interface

    Don't get anything USB for processing *pro* audio, Firewire all the way. I would take Littlej up on the offer if I were you... used MBox's are highly sought after. It also depends on how into production you're going to get, how much you're willing to spend, and what your intended goals are...
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    I use Fostex RP T20's, they're around $150... best headphones I've ever had.
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    Reason Question...

    Did this a long time ago... however... ... you guys got me thinking... Because of the processor power required for the MiniMoog within the session I wanted to use it - too many plugins running already - I had to create a new session anyway and was able to play around with a clean mix...
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    Reason Question...

    I was afraid of that. :( Thanks, guys.
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    Reason Question...

    I've only been using Reason 2.5 for two weeks and am using it as a soft synth/sequencer rewired into ProTools.... does Reason have the ability to use/import VSt instruments, or is it limited to only the synths that come with the software? I really really really want to use my MiniMoog plugin...
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    MAC Memory/CPU Help

    I would have first checked if the new RAM worked at all with the machine... Take out all the RAM first but the newly purchased 512MB, inserted in slot 1. If your machine starts up and works fine, try inserting the second half-meg stick. First use slots 1 and 2 only, then slots 1 and 3...
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    yet another midi controller...

    From http://www.audiomidi.com/classroom/cedge/cutting_edge_messe2005.cfm Personally I'd be nervous to use such a priduct with all devices in use for a live performance... digital too often has the tendency to crash at crucial moments. Not to mention to fully outfit the thing you could...